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Trip 2 Thailand

30 Jun

Sawat dee khaaa! That means, “hello plus a warm smile”. Thai people are no doubt very friendly people but one thing they need to seriously work on is their English, I mean seriously, tourists from every nick and corner of the planet pour in here and apart from the guides in Big Hotels, even tourists spots like beautiful “Samui” and the amazing “koh pangan” locals at the hotels, and mind you these are no ordinary hotels, 5 stars,  don’t speak much English, hmph!

We are staying in Thailand for a complete 10 nights, 9 gone, enjoyed in full swing, one more to go. The trip has been amazing. The beaches have breathtaking views, postcard material. Even if a four year old took a picture of those beaches, they would amaze people equally. Seriously, it’s that pretty. We went to “phi-phi” island via speed boat, and to make things even more exciting the sea was forecast “rough” that day, uh loved it! 😀 I know I shouldn’t be saying it but it was a 2-3 hours of roller coaster ride, without the nausea and feeling throwing up everywhere hehehe The sea displayed, sparkled in all shades of blue. 😀

A memorable trip no doubt, it has new levels of perceptive for me.And a new Category for my blog, Travel 😀 hurray!

And now I plan to travel more often, God willing! I’ll be updating soon after I come back Insha Allah! Just wanted to know you all that I’m alive 😀 and living life to it’s fullest, Alhumdolillah!

God is Great, and yes Aal is well.
God is great!

Celebrate your life

19 May

Do you have a dream? You do know you can dream, right?

Now why would you live a boring life of a tick-tock clock when you can make celebrations every second. Making it a life worth living. Loving each moment. Living life to its fullest like there is no tomorrow.

To live each moment, you gotta quit being ordinary, be Extraordinary . Be awesome and if you are already awesome, be AWESOMER 😀 You gotta have a passion- for something and someone 😉

Like me, I ain’t an ordinary woman. And why because I have plans. No matter how big or small but they put a smile on my place and fill my heart with contentment. Because I have dreams which I need to fulfill, God willing, they keep me busy, busy – enjoying life to its fullest and to prepare myself for the bumpy road ahead. So, be a dreamer, and have big, humongous dreams.

  1. I want to look good, feel good, do good on a daily basis.
  2. Feed the poor – make life a wee bit easier for them.
  3. I wanna travel, see the whole world through my eyes.
  4. Drive my personal Red or Crisp white Range Rover.
  5. Ride a heavy bike, don’t have to own it 🙂
  6. Fly a jet.
  7. An avid reader and an accomplished writer.

I want to be his dearie wife, a “friend-like-mum” to my kids. A loving daughter, a caring sister, a passioante baker and a generous person overall. And then I wanna rest peacefully with my family in heaven. I want all this and much more from this One Simple life. It doesn’t have to be complicated, does it? After twenty years from now. When I’ll look at my ” Be a dreamer” list, I’ll have many Tick offs, God willing and even if I won’t have one or two clicks, i’ll have the answers to all the whys, God willing.

I know there are times when you just let your life, your passions, your dreams pass for something bigger, for some greater cause but IT SHOULD be that great otherwise stick to your guns and don’t let go of your dreams that easily. Fiiighggghhhttt because it’s worth it. And only you’ll know if it’s worth it or not. Like since I recall, I wanted to join the Pakistan Air force, flying jets was a dream. But then I got engaged. Now at that time I had to make a rational decision because I didn’t see fulfilling my dream without sacrificing peace of my family to be, my husband, my kids. So, this little girl made a big decision (I was 19 at that time) and I left my dream to join the Pakistan Air force for a much, much bigger cause. And now Alhumdo lillah when I look back, I have no guilts because I know, I know I made the right choice, So now I just wanna BUY a jet and fly it around, here there and everywhere 😀 Still holding on to my dream, in best possible way 😀

So, make a list pronto pronto, chop chop. I want a list from all and any of you, who is reading this and then keep it in your wallet or paste it on your drawer or just about anywhere you can see it everyday, it’ll remind you to take actions, plan accordingly. Let’s start Ticking off, shall we?

What ever they call you (Arshad, amna, javed, javeria, jawad etc), you have a new identity now, YOU ARE A DREAMER,  you gotta fight for it till your last breath. Which gives this simple question a tasty twist. Next time when somebody asks you this question, you’ll have a better tasting answers, which is less cheesy more spicy (if you like spicy) otherwise more sweeter than a mars bar. Now ask yourself…

“What’s your name?”

Answer is (No not sheela! hush! focus!.) ” My name is Dreamer, accomplishing big dreams is my game.”

Now start making your list. And get back to me when you have three ticks on it ( awww).

Start celebrating your life, and your time starts, NOW!

Caught off guard

13 Apr

We wait. Silently wishing, praying softly. We wait. Sometimes, it’s got to seal your mouth for a little while and see if the world notices your anymore. Hide behind something ugly and watch ’em show their true colors.

Thinking is such a bliss. It keeps us Alive. It keeps us strong. It keeps us focused. Wipes away our tears and fills our heart with a million smiles.  Thinking make s it so. You can find a way to whine about your miserable life even after you have more than you ask for, or you can be satisfied, content from the inside even when life doesn’t smile at you anymore. It seems it ain’t paying much attention to your hardships. You stand strong. You stand content.

Ye Ishq nahi aasan…

29 Nov

Ye ishq nahi aasan,
bass itna samaj leejiyay
Ik aag ka darya hai,
aur doob kai jana hai.

These were my sentiments when I was thinking about gulping down a sandwich biscuit. Why? Well to answer that question, we’ll have to peep into the history a bit.

A few weeks back –  Flash back please, thank you!

Me: Oh my! I don’t look so good in these outfits, let’s buy new.

Next week:

Me: Darn it, my clothes have  either shrunk or that silly old tailor has forgotten how to shape clothes.

Next day:

Me: Gash, I’m a wee bit overweight – soup diet here I come.

You get the picture right.

Setting a goal is the first thing to do in your quest to achieve your target. It keeps you focused, tells you all about the DON’T S, because when you know all the don’t s, the dos list gets pretty short and much more ummm achievable.

Restricting yourself to a particular diet plan, when all the food, not just food, but food good for Gods is available to you gives meaning to your ISHQ in your goal/target. And boy it’s not easy! Trust me I know.

That’s when the well know “will power” shines in and gives you the strenght you need, the strength to carry on, it’s from a song, can you guess?

And you cast your fears aside
And you know you can survive

So when you feel like hope is gone
Look inside you and be strong
And you’ll finally see the truth
That a hero lies in you…

Accompanied with the pinned focus you already have set, this combo my friend, can work wonders for you.

But it won’t be an easy one, oh no it won’t be. You’ll have to do all it takes to take over yourself. In my case, I flipping don’t want to eat that sandwich biscuit that has been lying in the fridge for two days, or pretend not looking at the mouth-watering everybody s and mine of course favorite  Chocolate cake, that I baked myself and DIDN’T EAT.

It’s not easy I tell you, it’s not easy but I’m doing it right now and I’m doing it almost the way it should be done. I’m not trying to brag here but people actually say, that I make it look easy, I even got two to three women getting themselves a bowl  full of this cabbage soup just because they thought or maybe I made them feel that “Oh Nooo, this is a pure piece of cake” a piece of cake that I can’t have my hands on, sign hehe (what? it’s funny :))

But it’s my ISHQ bhai, I have remind myself over and over again, it’s my ishq and it won’t be easy, so don’t get your hopes high. Atleast I’m trying huh?

What about you have you ever seen something that would move you so much, that it became your Ishq? (paleeze keep your untold love affairs to yourself and stick to the topic, will ya? Thank you please.)

Final ashra starts

1 Sep

Still sticking to the “Goal” for this month, God willing! But, right now I’m feeling quite choked up, frankly speaking. It’s because of the dream I had a couple of days back. It has left me clueless. With these final 9 or 8  days left, I need to make most out of them and ask Allah for forgiveness for all the known and unknown sins I have committed. Lord! help me, save me, please for it you will not forgive me, I will be ruined.

I need to pray more often. You do that too, pray from Allah Almighty, ever noticed how powerful this word “Almighty” is. Well pray and find out. Pray for your parents, pray for your siblings, pray for your children, your teachers, your friends, your neighbors, your community, your country, for the whole man kind, pray for the deceased and when you pray, please do pray for me. I so need your prayers.

Make most out of Ramadan this time and try to do “Ibadaat” as much as possible and don’t miss the fazilatain and barkatain and much, much more associated with Laila tul qadr.

Younhee tamam hota hai

5 Jan

Youhee subha shaam hoti hai,
Zindagi apni tamam hoti hai.

Na kuch paaya, na khooya,
Jeewan ko apnay tamasha banaya.

Nadaniyon mai guzri apni tou zindigani,
Kadar iss zindagi ki humnay na jaani,
Kuch pal milay jo,
Hass ro kai beethay,
Haqiqat humnay kabhi bhe na maani.

Younhee subha sham hoti hai,
Zindagi apni tamam hoti hai!

Been wanting to spare some time for myself, for quite some time now. But all in vain. I don’t even offer my prayers on time. How stupidly lousy I am. How ignorant of the consequences. How imensely oblivious of the outcomes. How ashammed of myself I truly am, right now.

It’s 2 in the morning and I haven’t offered my night prayer, uh man! I hardly ever wake up for fajr 😦 you know what, one of the identificication characteristics of ‘hypocrite’ is that they miss/ not regular in morning and the night prayer.Damn!

For how long, am I gonna live, 5 to 10 years maybe, make it even 20, what then? After that I’ll have to face all my short comings. Uh!

I disgust myself,
I truly do!

Fight for your KFC

13 Sep

Yes, fight for your right. Right to eat a juicy, tender, hard crusted chicken 2 “o” clock at night. The story goes like this. We ( my hubby and myself) decided to have a KFC sehri at home. Now all I had to do was to make a call and I did. I made my first call at 2, roughly. We both knew what we wanted, so placing the order was a biggie biggie time saver.

2:05 am: (Tring trying! hello this is blah blah from KFC may I help you.) Order successfully placed, now we wait for half an hour.

2:30: we wait.

2:40: And we kept waiting.

2:50: waiting! Now that was too much, they had crossed the line, I had to do what I had to. So, I called them back to check what’s going on.

Tring tring: Look Sir, I placed an order more than 4o minutes ago and it hasn’t been delivered yet.

KFC guy: Mam actually there was somekinda “technical fault at our head office so now we’re taking the orders i black and white, sorry for the inconvenience but now you’ll get your order in less than 3o minutes.

Me: aaaaa okay, but please, make it quick will ya!

3:00 am: And we’re still waiting!

3:55: Oh boy I was crazy mad, there was nothing that was going to stop me from bullshitting the guy. So, I picked up the phone, dialed their number and said what I needed to say.

KfC guy: maam your order has been dispatched and you’ll get it in less than 5 minutes, don’t worry.

Oh hell I won’t, you’re the one who should be worrying boy!

4:15 am: Livid! Livid! Livid! Danger level! Wish I could punch him in the face, kick him hard enough to make him choke.

KFC guy: In a dry tone, maam if you want the order, we’ll get it delivered in 30minutes.

Me: HELL NO!!!

After I regained my conscious, I realized that I was actually letting them win the battle, If I wanted to have my KFC meal, who in earth are they to put me off. I rang them again and asked for their head office number. Got it, rang to his office, nobody picked up hmmm

Rang back to the KFC branch in Cavalry Ground, asked to talk to the manager oof the branch, told him everything, we was being very appologetic and said, if I was still interested he would get me my meal delieverd in 10 minutes.

Me: Hell YEAH!

And withing 10 minutes my hubby and myself were enjoying our well earned KFC meal 🙂

Moral of the story: Don’t let your emotions take control over yourself, Takee charge and fight for your right!

Go for it! 🙂

Satisfied? oh yeah!

24 May

Plan A is going great. Plan B has yielded profitable results, and still going strong. Plan C is failing miserably, hmmm the deadline is approaching fast and I haven’t even started working on it. Plan D is also in a bad shape, not as bad as plan C but still not good enough!

Now you must be wondering what are these plans huh? ehehehe well

  • Plan A>>> Potty train my two year old.
  • Plan B>>> Lose a couple of Kgs and win a bet for losing more than my friend. And 21st of May was the deadline. So I won myself a brand-spanking-new three piece dress 😀 I won baby! on yeah!
  • Plan C: Get a routine to get up for the morning prayer (Fajr).
  • Plan D: Start studying for my Cost Accounting exam, which i happen to write on the 20th of June, 2009, God be willing!

Wish me luck people, wish me luck!

Challenges surely do bring out the BEST in me. Never fails me, Alhumdolillah. Got a worthy challenge? well bring it on 🙂

Yesterday’s cake disaster – blabber

17 May

Sometimes, I get really surprised for my passion for cooking. Because, cooking “myself” never crossed my mind, say 4-5 years back. Well of course how could it. A tom boy like myself had all to do with gaming, sports, cycling and skating. Cooking? Not a chance.

It’s only 2-3 years back that I discovered the chef in me 🙂 And then it just took over everything hehehe nah! just kidding, I still love cycling, wish my roller blades hadn’t broken, only if girls were not as sissy as they happen to be and didn’t suck at cricket as much they do, i would still love to bat/bowl. Kite flying wasn’t banned and gaming places were not oh-so-heavily crowded with men, I would love to do that too,  do it all again. You know what, When i wrote my final FSC exam, my khala promised me to take where ever i wanted. Guess where I wanted to go, and eventually did go? Guess, you can never hahahahaha I went to “SinBad” in Fortress Stadium lol just to ride that red heavy bike hahahaha God I’ve always been a sucker for heavy bikes since i remember.

When Al-fatah was just a one room store and i was only 8-9 years old, early days, I went with my mom there. Saw a heavy bike there and fell for it instantaneously. Now i wanted to have it, and mom was not interested at all. So, while I was sitting on it, not letting it go, Al-fatah’s official photographer took a picture. And that picture got printed on their first calendar 🙂 lol

Slap* Come back, oh oopsy! Okay where i was, oh yeah! Yesterday i made 5 time for my mom’s friends tea-party at her place. I made:

  1. Chicken and cheese sticks.
  2. Chicken and corn bake.
  3. Coffee delight.
  4. Cheese balls.
  5. Fresh cream pineapple cake.

Started off at 11 am and when everything was done, it was 4:30 pm 🙂 stood in the kitchen all the freaking time hehe Oh well had to reach at mom’s place at 5 pm. All the food items were all set in the car, carefully wrapped in cling wrap, Mashaal was sitting in the passengers seat with her seat belt on, looking gorgeous as ever 🙂 Masha Allah!

I told my servant, Jaleel (who is 12-13 years old) to simply hold the cake while I reverse the car. I specifically TOLD him to just sit tight and hold the cake close to him and don’t do anything else. And when I put my car’s automatic gear into R ( that’s for Reverse, if you don’t know :p ) i heard a sound i didn’t like and then i heard Jaleel say something.

Panicking a wee bit as i was now, i angrily said, WHAT? What he spoke in nervous tone of voice, made me break a flower pot, my thumb’s nail, bang some doors and shout at the top of my lungs .

He said, he dropped the cake because, he didn’t listen to me and was moving the platters on the side. Oohh i was furious! Under control but furious.

Gradually, I recited some Darood, some Aaozo-billah and God knows what for keeping my cool and not get frustrated. It helped, evil grin* But, now I’m smiling as I write about it, finally! 🙂 It’ll be one of the humorous moments in my life. 🙂

Adjusting Focus

4 May

When you sleep at 2 am in the morning and except to wake up for the morning prayer.You’re wrong! Doesn’t it ring a bell to you or something like it huh? Well wake up! slap slap* what in earth were you thinking?

Having said that , I would like to welcome you to our clan, our clan of lazy people. People who don’t know where they are headed, who are ignorant of their actions, living in a fool’s paradise.

I don’t know about you, but when i get up at 11 in the morning, some part of me is guilty about getting up this late. I don’t wanna wake up with this feeling. I don’t want to be the ones who NEVER get hold of their routine. Oh no! Oh no! God be willing. People say that having a routine is a tough job to begin with. Well, I would like to disagree but then talking is cheap and I know that none of you will buy it. So, I need to go ahead and prove it to everyone and myself too that it ain’t THAT bigga deal. All you need is a dash of passion, wee bit of determination and lots and lots of supplications 🙂

Well, now that you know my secret recipe to getting hold of your routine, tell everyone about it and let them cook some change in their lives hehehe 🙂

Will get working on this new thing from tomorrow, God be willing! so  all of you can say, “The day has been saved and thanks to the power puff girls leemz”

Wish me luck!

Paint my wall – Orange

21 Apr

And here it is, the painting on my wall hehehehehe
I started off on April 15th, 2009. Needed more orange paint for a slight change in plan, went to the paint shop around quarter past nine and the shop was unfortunately closed. The rest of the day just got wasted. Oh well!

Got up early next morning, excited about the design, rushed to the paint shop, got all the necessary stuff. Started working on the pattern at 11:15 am and the last brush stroke was recorded at 7:10 pm. Wooah! That’s  a lot of time huh?

But the best thing is that i loved every sec. of it. Most of you may not like the color, or the design but i simply “enjoyed” painting every inch of it, rather cm khekhekekhe

I might just paint this wire covering thingy, orange as well. As the rest of the room still needs some denting and painting, ya’know.

Thadaaa! 😀

The orange color that i used here is from, if I’m not wrong “color creations”. If you don’t find your desired color in a regular paint shop, you can go to this color creation section in “Arif paint shop” in Main-Market,Lahore and get your own color get made to order in just 5 minutes.

First you chose the color. They place an empty paint box into a machine. And the machine then throws some colored paint into the box. The person there takes it out of the machine, closes the lid tightly. And puts it into another machine. This second machine shakes it well and Viola!

You get your desired color in a matter of minutes 🙂