Set your imagination free

8 Apr

Imagination is such a powerful word. You can be anybody, anywhere doing anything you want. Powerful, eh? When I was young I used to pretend to be a Chef. Compiling a dish in front of my TV viewers. Back then I didn’t have a clue I had a passion for cooking. But I used to do it all the times, whenever I found myself making an omelette, french toasts or frying chips because that’s all I knew about cooking. Even then I imagined myself in all sorts of scenarios with an unlimited imagination of the possibilities.

And then I had imaginary friend, well friend to be precise. Jenn. She would do anything, go anywhere with me. We resolved big issues, together 🙂 And then I used to fly Jets, be the best orator and give lectures on how to use make up to look your best.

When they say that you can make a hell out of heaven and heaven out of hell, it’s all mind game also. You can imagine yourself jumping and running on crisp white, cotton soft clouds in the most difficult times of your life. Just to give yourself some space, some time to think things over, to get a hold on your nerves. And don’t come down until you find answers to all your queries to be in a better situation.

You can get ticklish after eating an ice cream or go sight seeing on a flying train, as those in OMORE adds hehe 🙂

“Imagination will often carry us to worlds that never were.  But without it, we go nowhere.”  Dr Carl Sagan

If you can imagine it, you are far more likely to achieve it. It’s not just for kids but adults should be encouraged to use their imagination also. So, don’t limit your imagination, don’t close it in a box and forget all about it.

Give it a try. Imagine yourself in the life that you really want to have. Write down things you wanna achieve and one day, God willing you gonna achieve ’em all.

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