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straight from kalabagh

31 May

I’m writing this from kalabagh. Suite number 117 g, green spot. The top of the top location. Best of the best place.

I liki in here. Came here on Friday, now planning to go home (Lahore) tomorrow, insha Allah. It’s kinda too cold today but, no problemo, the heater is working 24/7, the geazer never stops pouring hot water out of the taps. This place is cozy, comfy and a something one would wish to go especially to get some break from the scorching summer heat in Lahore.

Mohammad is sleeping on the couch, sohail bhai and unaiza are tucked in, nice and comfyly on the other couch. While I, the royal highness is sitting in a chair with my feet rested on the glass table infront. As relaxed as one could wish for. And guess what we’re watching? Hehehehe

We’re watching madagascre. 🙂 BBQ is on it’s way, hopefully coz I’m starving.

Having a good old time I am 😀

Do your bit!

30 Mar

An attack launched at the Manawan Police Training Center near Lahore by unknown terrorists has left 25 injured and 20 policemen have lost their lives. Some bulletproof vehicle, have been sent to the training institute to recover the dead bodies.

The Heavily armed terrorists, some wearing police uniforms are still inside the building. And the gun battle is still going on. Police and the Army Rangers have circled the building. Tear gas shells are being thrown inside the building.

Yes another attack on our Nation has left us dumbfounded, again! A sad sight! No need to feel crippled by the fear, we need to stand boldly and face the situation.  We salute our Police, Army Rangers and all Armed forces, May God be with them.

Why all of this is happening, who are the dark forces behind it, what are the root causes is a different debate altogether. Now for the current situation that we’re into, people like me are just sitting at home, watching the news. So, the least we CAN do is make dua and never doubt it’s powers— seek help/protection from the Almighty Allah. The One with all the powers. He who is exalted in power, Wise.

Recite Aayat Kareema as much as possible.
Aayat kareema with translation

Make 2 nafil Namaz-e-hajat.
Keep praying to Allah!

So, Pakistani’s can we do this?
Yes we can!
Yes we can!

Do your bit!


26 have passed away, 90 injuired, and 4 Terrorists have been captured.

According to news correspondents who are inside premises of the Academy, commandos of elite force and army have captured the terrorists alive. After clearing the compound and arresting the terrorists, the commandos fired in jubilation and screams of “Allah Akber” and “Pakistan Zindabad” could be heard all over.

The gun-battle which begun at 7:30 in the morning came to an end at 3:30 pm. Our brave, praise worthy Police officers and other Law enforcement agencies have taken charge of the premises of the training center. 4 terrorists have been killed, some have been arrested and the rest committed suicide. 🙂

We have won the battle.

Jazak Allah khair, sun ker kushi hoee 🙂
Subhan Allah!

Breath of fresh air

19 Mar

After the reinstatement of the judges, now we can focus on other pending major issues. Finally! Thank God! No seriously people, now we know the power. How people as a Nation join hands and make decisions. Now we know the much underestimated Power of People. How we can turn the world around, make a difference because, we have the power, we have the power! And Mr. 100 % must have got another shock of his life when,our Prime Minister Yusuf Raza Gillani declared to return the power/right back to the parliament, power that had been snatched away by the military strongman General Pervaiz Musharraf.

“Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani vowed to return to parliament authority that it lost in 2002 when former leader PervAIz Musharraf gave sweeping powers to the presidency, including the power to dismiss parliament.”


“We are committed to changing the system,” a confident Gilani said. “My main endeavor is to end the politics of confrontation.”

He added that he planned to cooperate with Pakistan Muslim League-N chief Nawaz Sharif.

“I am sure we can work with Nawaz Sharif in strengthening the democratic process,” Gilani said. “We have to return to parliamentary democracy on the lines of Westminster.”


Let’s us hope for the best, let’s keep our fingers crossed.
Always know:
Be the change you want in the world.

Let’s be one, let’s do it, let’s go!

High Alert!

23 Dec

Pakistan military on ‘red alert’

My love for Masalatv

17 Apr

I’ve been following the oh-so-delicious recipies of this commendable channel, Masala tv since it rarely had any viewers.Masala tv logo Everyone i knew who was into cooking and enjoyed playing with flavours used to watch BBC FOOD. And i liked it too! Well to be honest not so long ago i discovered, the chef in me 🙂 For a tom-boy like me the passion for cooking, trying out different styles of cooking and baking, garnishing and presenting techniques, and how i love to cook for parties now wasn’t always there.

First there was only BBC FOOD and i liked it alot, honestly! But the major problem that i experienced with BBC FOOD was that often their chefs would sometimes miss out measurement of some major ingridient, then there was no recap option, and not to mention the cultural differences we share with non-muslims caused major problems. And then…

Eye Television Network Limited (ETNL) launched “Masala TV” an initiative by the network that has taken the country by storm. Our very first exclusive 24-hour food channel in South Asia. Catering to everyone with an interest in good food. The timing and planning of the channel was brilliant, launched 1 day prior to the month of Ramadan, Masala became a household name that was recognized all across Pakistan and helped set the dinner tables in almost all homes during the month of fasting.

Ever since then with a pen and a note-book in my hand i’ve been glued to this oh-so-inspiring channel. Thanks to Masala tv i now can make all kinds of food, you name it, at home. And it keeps getting better and better. A heaven on earth for food lovers and for those who love cooking for them, over and over again.

Masala tv gives us an insipiring opertunity to watch professionals cook, tips and their useful techniques make a heluva difference. Their presentation ideas are out of this world, in short I love ’em all ( well not all 😉 It brings the best culinary programming from across the region with renowned chefs and nutritionists sharing their expert secrets. My very favourite Chef Zakir is the king of Masala tv or should be. Where there is King, there ought to be a Queen and the Queen of Masala (in my opinion) is Chef Rahat. I get up at midnight just to watch Chef Zakir’s dear program and yes i know i’m crazy.

And btw, all the amazing recipe videos of all the chefs on Masalatv are available on-line on Khanapakana, do check ’em out.

A not to Masalatv: Masalatv, you’re the best. And i would like to congratulate the owner of Masalatv and those who came up with the idea and those who helped making it possible. Your efforts have paid off well!

Thank you, Jazak Allah, God bless you all!

Patriot in me

29 Sep

Ai Maula is mulk ko salamat rakhiyo, iskai barshindoon ko salamat rakhiyoo, islam ka diya inkai seenoon mai raushan rakhiyoo. Nafsa nafsi ka aalam hai maula hum sab ko iss aaj sai mehfooz rakhiyoo. Iss daise ko shaad aabad hasta basta rakhiyoo.