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Paint my wall – Orange

21 Apr

And here it is, the painting on my wall hehehehehe
I started off on April 15th, 2009. Needed more orange paint for a slight change in plan, went to the paint shop around quarter past nine and the shop was unfortunately closed. The rest of the day just got wasted. Oh well!

Got up early next morning, excited about the design, rushed to the paint shop, got all the necessary stuff. Started working on the pattern at 11:15 am and the last brush stroke was recorded at 7:10 pm. Wooah! That’sĀ  a lot of time huh?

But the best thing is that i loved every sec. of it. Most of you may not like the color, or the design but i simply “enjoyed” painting every inch of it, rather cm khekhekekhe

I might just paint this wire covering thingy, orange as well. As the rest of the room still needs some denting and painting, ya’know.

Thadaaa! šŸ˜€

The orange color that i used here is from, if I’m not wrong “color creations”. If you don’t find your desired color in a regular paint shop, you can go to this color creation section in “Arif paint shop” in Main-Market,Lahore and get your own color get made to order in just 5 minutes.

First you chose the color. They place an empty paint box into a machine. And the machine then throws some colored paint into the box. The person there takes it out of the machine, closes the lid tightly. And puts it into another machine. This second machine shakes it well and Viola!

You get your desired color in a matter of minutes šŸ™‚