Caught off guard

13 Apr

We wait. Silently wishing, praying softly. We wait. Sometimes, it’s got to seal your mouth for a little while and see if the world notices your anymore. Hide behind something ugly and watch ’em show their true colors.

Thinking is such a bliss. It keeps us Alive. It keeps us strong. It keeps us focused. Wipes away our tears and fills our heart with a million smiles.  Thinking make s it so. You can find a way to whine about your miserable life even after you have more than you ask for, or you can be satisfied, content from the inside even when life doesn’t smile at you anymore. It seems it ain’t paying much attention to your hardships. You stand strong. You stand content.

2 Responses to “Caught off guard”

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  1. Caught off guard | Tea Break - April 14, 2011

    […] Caught off guard […]

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