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Yesterday’s cake disaster – blabber

17 May

Sometimes, I get really surprised for my passion for cooking. Because, cooking “myself” never crossed my mind, say 4-5 years back. Well of course how could it. A tom boy like myself had all to do with gaming, sports, cycling and skating. Cooking? Not a chance.

It’s only 2-3 years back that I discovered the chef in me 🙂 And then it just took over everything hehehe nah! just kidding, I still love cycling, wish my roller blades hadn’t broken, only if girls were not as sissy as they happen to be and didn’t suck at cricket as much they do, i would still love to bat/bowl. Kite flying wasn’t banned and gaming places were not oh-so-heavily crowded with men, I would love to do that too,  do it all again. You know what, When i wrote my final FSC exam, my khala promised me to take where ever i wanted. Guess where I wanted to go, and eventually did go? Guess, you can never hahahahaha I went to “SinBad” in Fortress Stadium lol just to ride that red heavy bike hahahaha God I’ve always been a sucker for heavy bikes since i remember.

When Al-fatah was just a one room store and i was only 8-9 years old, early days, I went with my mom there. Saw a heavy bike there and fell for it instantaneously. Now i wanted to have it, and mom was not interested at all. So, while I was sitting on it, not letting it go, Al-fatah’s official photographer took a picture. And that picture got printed on their first calendar 🙂 lol

Slap* Come back, oh oopsy! Okay where i was, oh yeah! Yesterday i made 5 time for my mom’s friends tea-party at her place. I made:

  1. Chicken and cheese sticks.
  2. Chicken and corn bake.
  3. Coffee delight.
  4. Cheese balls.
  5. Fresh cream pineapple cake.

Started off at 11 am and when everything was done, it was 4:30 pm 🙂 stood in the kitchen all the freaking time hehe Oh well had to reach at mom’s place at 5 pm. All the food items were all set in the car, carefully wrapped in cling wrap, Mashaal was sitting in the passengers seat with her seat belt on, looking gorgeous as ever 🙂 Masha Allah!

I told my servant, Jaleel (who is 12-13 years old) to simply hold the cake while I reverse the car. I specifically TOLD him to just sit tight and hold the cake close to him and don’t do anything else. And when I put my car’s automatic gear into R ( that’s for Reverse, if you don’t know :p ) i heard a sound i didn’t like and then i heard Jaleel say something.

Panicking a wee bit as i was now, i angrily said, WHAT? What he spoke in nervous tone of voice, made me break a flower pot, my thumb’s nail, bang some doors and shout at the top of my lungs .

He said, he dropped the cake because, he didn’t listen to me and was moving the platters on the side. Oohh i was furious! Under control but furious.

Gradually, I recited some Darood, some Aaozo-billah and God knows what for keeping my cool and not get frustrated. It helped, evil grin* But, now I’m smiling as I write about it, finally! 🙂 It’ll be one of the humorous moments in my life. 🙂

VOCD trivia

9 Feb

Well VOCD or Volume Obsessive-Compulsive disorder is a mental or personality disorder which hasn’t yet been diagnosed to any neurological (having something to do with nervous system) or organic (related to organs of the body) dysfunction.

Under this disorder folks need to adjust their TV s volume to a specific number, otherwise they get a bit uncomfortable or disturbed. It’s funny to know there are oh-so-many people having the same symptoms but, no body knows anything about the whys? Meaning what triggers it, how it all starts and all that jazz. Some believe that it’s common among mathematicians or somehow or the other associated with the fields of accounting/ business/ finance minded folks. Ask for me I’m related to all three of ’em.

It’s kinda nice to know that I’m not the only person in the world going through it, they even have a name for it hehehehe I’m a bad case of odd numbers. It has to be 3,5,7, 9,15, 17, 19 etcetera. What about you?

Surely i had nothing better to do but write about such useful trivia.

\/\/Orth $eeEig

18 Dec

So, u wanna know MORE abt me, aaaaa interesting, isn’t it?
ok ok ok!
These are FEW of ma pics.
Just bring yourself something to drink & pop-corns and


Jaiii not jazz ‘Must hai’ :)

25 Sep

1> Fly a plane, jet? yeah i wish.
2> Wheelie sports bike. oooh can’t wait, oooh
3> Climb a large rock.
4> Try my hand @ hang-gliding.
5> Swim faster than the dolphins. yayy na na na BooOoO BoOoOoOo :p
6> Put ma hand into a lion’s mouth ooooh!
7> a bike along the beech.and slip, weeeeeeee ha ha!
8> Learn Quran and at least 40 hadis by heart. insha ALLAH.
9> Stand on ma tip-toes.
10> Spend one night in a haunted house ho ho haaa ha.
11> Take a trip around the world.
12> water dancing.
13> Burb and fart at the same time. lolz.
14> Learn to hand-stand.
15> Get de BEST chiefs award, from ma hubby 🙂
16> Go hunting, ‘Lions’. ooooye ooooyeeeeee
17> Swim across a roaring river.
18> Drive a tractor against the flow of traffic on a high way ha ha.
(and enjoy the expressions on other drivers faces hehe)
19> Beat sum1 half-dead.
20>’Underwater kissing’.
21> Learn sword fighting, oohh messy messy haan 🙂
22> Taste crabs meat.
enough for today i guess.