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trick or treat? Trick for sure!

17 Mar

Mouse hole cutout copy

Obey traffic rules?

9 Mar

We all know that there’s a ban on using mobile phones while driving. In other words, it’s illegal for you to use cellphone while driving.don't use cell phone while driving

It’s a different topic, whether it should be banned or not.  But my question to you is, do you obey it? Do you try to text someone with one hand on steering wheel anymore?

You know it’s dangerous, you even know it’s illegal now, but still, do you manage to keep it out of traffic-warden’s sight and carry on with your conversation. And it’s not just mobile phones, crossing red lights, over-speeding is not even brought into consideration,  sadly enough!

What will it take to make you understand. Are you that selfish. Don’t you want to change. Why can’t you respect traffic rules and regulations huh? Where’s your conscious, do you always have to wait for the traffic-warden to warn you or worse give you a ticket.

Next time when you’re about to break a traffic-law, just remind yourself that even though nobody saw you, even then Allah Almighty is watching you 24/7. And you will be questionable before him in life hereafter. You better know the answers then huh?

So, can you please start obeying traffic laws, palese!

Thank you! 🙂

car falling traffic sign

hunting traffic sign

stop the violence trafficsign

ignore traffic sign

\/\/Orth $eeEig

18 Dec

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