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Stick to it and make yourself useful

27 Jun

Okay here goes nothing. I’m seriously sick of scribbling every now and then and then throwing some of my best ideas into the “drafts” column, never to look back.. There are atleast 4o posts in there, waiting for the Dear me to spare some time AND FINISH WHAT I STARTED, huh! I get these amazing ideas (being modest, I promise) and then nothing, NOTHING! I don’t use them, I don’t write about them, I don’t do anything about them. I’m just a lazy, lazy ummm person :S just like most of you. Who waste their time doing silly things, things that are not useful at all. Completely lost in their one-and-only, oh-so-highly-precious life.

I don’t wanna be like the way I am currently. I wanna change, I know where I lack, a little fixing here, some welding there (hand me the blow torch) and I’m back on track, insha Allah as if haha! :p

No! Not any more. I’m not gonna sit here and ruin myself, I’m gonna go out there and do my best, God willing. I’m gonna be who or what I wanna be. I know what I want and now all I need to do is plan how to get it (It’s My Life playing in the background)

But what are you gonna do, my friend? pointing fingers* You don’t know what you want from your life, you haven’t a clue, have you? haha! thought so. So, what you gonna do, huh, what you gonna do about it.

Have a thought, for a change. 😛

“Snake-bitten chicken” for dinner?

23 Dec

Well, how would you feel if you asked your mum or wife, what’s for dinner? And she replied : Snake-bitten chicken. Well for us Pakistani’s, it’s nothing more than a bad joke but for Chinese, it’s actually “a treat”.

It’s a strange strange world out there. Yes most definitely. And it keeps getting stranger and stranger.

Perhaps you have noticed that restaurants like to give their food interesting/ weird names. Perhaps you have also avoided ordering the dish by its interesting/weird name maybe because it’s completely ridiculous or maybe you don’t wanna make a fool out of yourself, pronounce it wrong and be the joke of the day. So, just say I want item number LE 10053 🙂

But, for a minute, just imagine if this was NOT the case, and you find yourself in a Chinese restaurant. A real Chinese restaurant in China, not in Pakistan. And the menu says, “snake-bitten chicken” is our dish of the day. Well the name is now less interesting and more weird. But beware, When you’re having Chinese food in China, don’t be fooled, they literary do serve what’s written in the menu, Literary!

The image that I’m about to post here might be  sickening to few, “delicacy” for many, where a waitress demonstrates how to prepare a Chinese specialty known as “Snake-bitten Chicken,” at a restaurant in China’s southwest municipality of Chongqing


So, a dish named “Son of a botch” okay-ly appetizing in Pakistan is far, far better than a “Snake-bitten chicken” in China 🙂

Next time, when you are in Pakistan, feel free to order all the dishes with interesting cum weird names, that your waiter can’e even pronounce hehe, just Thank Allah that you’re in Pakistan and not in China 🙂

On this note,  whenever you plan to dine out, order the most weirdly named dish on the menu!

Happy eating!

A Picture Says More Than A Thousand Words

27 Oct

Do you Agree or Disagree?



Fight for your KFC

13 Sep

Yes, fight for your right. Right to eat a juicy, tender, hard crusted chicken 2 “o” clock at night. The story goes like this. We ( my hubby and myself) decided to have a KFC sehri at home. Now all I had to do was to make a call and I did. I made my first call at 2, roughly. We both knew what we wanted, so placing the order was a biggie biggie time saver.

2:05 am: (Tring trying! hello this is blah blah from KFC may I help you.) Order successfully placed, now we wait for half an hour.

2:30: we wait.

2:40: And we kept waiting.

2:50: waiting! Now that was too much, they had crossed the line, I had to do what I had to. So, I called them back to check what’s going on.

Tring tring: Look Sir, I placed an order more than 4o minutes ago and it hasn’t been delivered yet.

KFC guy: Mam actually there was somekinda “technical fault at our head office so now we’re taking the orders i black and white, sorry for the inconvenience but now you’ll get your order in less than 3o minutes.

Me: aaaaa okay, but please, make it quick will ya!

3:00 am: And we’re still waiting!

3:55: Oh boy I was crazy mad, there was nothing that was going to stop me from bullshitting the guy. So, I picked up the phone, dialed their number and said what I needed to say.

KfC guy: maam your order has been dispatched and you’ll get it in less than 5 minutes, don’t worry.

Oh hell I won’t, you’re the one who should be worrying boy!

4:15 am: Livid! Livid! Livid! Danger level! Wish I could punch him in the face, kick him hard enough to make him choke.

KFC guy: In a dry tone, maam if you want the order, we’ll get it delivered in 30minutes.

Me: HELL NO!!!

After I regained my conscious, I realized that I was actually letting them win the battle, If I wanted to have my KFC meal, who in earth are they to put me off. I rang them again and asked for their head office number. Got it, rang to his office, nobody picked up hmmm

Rang back to the KFC branch in Cavalry Ground, asked to talk to the manager oof the branch, told him everything, we was being very appologetic and said, if I was still interested he would get me my meal delieverd in 10 minutes.

Me: Hell YEAH!

And withing 10 minutes my hubby and myself were enjoying our well earned KFC meal 🙂

Moral of the story: Don’t let your emotions take control over yourself, Takee charge and fight for your right!

Go for it! 🙂

Recipe for Happiness

12 Jun

You won’t like it – You’ll Love it! 🙂

Recipe for HappinessAll you need>>>

Patience——————– Two heaped cups
Love———————— One heartful
Generosity—————– Two handfuls
Understanding ———– One headful
Humor——————— a dash
Kindness——————-  Two Pinches
Faith———————– Plenty / according to taste
Supplications———— the more the merrier

How it’s made>>>

  1. Mix together patience, love, generosity, understanding and beat it with humor until desired result is achieved.
  2. Sprinkle with kindness, add plenty of faith and mix well.
  3. Add supplications as much as you like.
  4. Spread over a period of a lifetime and serve to everyone you meet.

Courtesy >>> The Chef In Me

Yesterday’s cake disaster – blabber

17 May

Sometimes, I get really surprised for my passion for cooking. Because, cooking “myself” never crossed my mind, say 4-5 years back. Well of course how could it. A tom boy like myself had all to do with gaming, sports, cycling and skating. Cooking? Not a chance.

It’s only 2-3 years back that I discovered the chef in me 🙂 And then it just took over everything hehehe nah! just kidding, I still love cycling, wish my roller blades hadn’t broken, only if girls were not as sissy as they happen to be and didn’t suck at cricket as much they do, i would still love to bat/bowl. Kite flying wasn’t banned and gaming places were not oh-so-heavily crowded with men, I would love to do that too,  do it all again. You know what, When i wrote my final FSC exam, my khala promised me to take where ever i wanted. Guess where I wanted to go, and eventually did go? Guess, you can never hahahahaha I went to “SinBad” in Fortress Stadium lol just to ride that red heavy bike hahahaha God I’ve always been a sucker for heavy bikes since i remember.

When Al-fatah was just a one room store and i was only 8-9 years old, early days, I went with my mom there. Saw a heavy bike there and fell for it instantaneously. Now i wanted to have it, and mom was not interested at all. So, while I was sitting on it, not letting it go, Al-fatah’s official photographer took a picture. And that picture got printed on their first calendar 🙂 lol

Slap* Come back, oh oopsy! Okay where i was, oh yeah! Yesterday i made 5 time for my mom’s friends tea-party at her place. I made:

  1. Chicken and cheese sticks.
  2. Chicken and corn bake.
  3. Coffee delight.
  4. Cheese balls.
  5. Fresh cream pineapple cake.

Started off at 11 am and when everything was done, it was 4:30 pm 🙂 stood in the kitchen all the freaking time hehe Oh well had to reach at mom’s place at 5 pm. All the food items were all set in the car, carefully wrapped in cling wrap, Mashaal was sitting in the passengers seat with her seat belt on, looking gorgeous as ever 🙂 Masha Allah!

I told my servant, Jaleel (who is 12-13 years old) to simply hold the cake while I reverse the car. I specifically TOLD him to just sit tight and hold the cake close to him and don’t do anything else. And when I put my car’s automatic gear into R ( that’s for Reverse, if you don’t know :p ) i heard a sound i didn’t like and then i heard Jaleel say something.

Panicking a wee bit as i was now, i angrily said, WHAT? What he spoke in nervous tone of voice, made me break a flower pot, my thumb’s nail, bang some doors and shout at the top of my lungs .

He said, he dropped the cake because, he didn’t listen to me and was moving the platters on the side. Oohh i was furious! Under control but furious.

Gradually, I recited some Darood, some Aaozo-billah and God knows what for keeping my cool and not get frustrated. It helped, evil grin* But, now I’m smiling as I write about it, finally! 🙂 It’ll be one of the humorous moments in my life. 🙂

The humor of Homer :)

17 Mar

  • No, please don’t eat me. I have a wife and kids,eat them.
  • Oh, man! We killed Mr. Burns! Mr. Burns is gonna be so mad!
  • Press any key to continue, where’s the any key?
  • I wonder where Bart is, his dinner’s getting all cold… and eaten
  • What’s the point of going out? We’re just going to wind up back here anyway.
  • Oh, yeah, what are you gonna do? Release the dogs? Or the bees? Or the dogs with bees in their mouth and when they bark, they shoot bees at you?
  • If you don’t like your job, you don’t strike! You just go in every day, and do it really half assed. That’s the American way.
  • So a few people won’t get a few letters, boo hoo! You know the kind of stuff people write: “Dear somebody you never heard of, how was so and so? Blah-blah-blah-blah-blah-blah-blah, Yours Truly, Some Bozo.” Big loss!

trick or treat? Trick for sure!

17 Mar

Mouse hole cutout copy


4 Mar

What's going on?

VOCD trivia

9 Feb

Well VOCD or Volume Obsessive-Compulsive disorder is a mental or personality disorder which hasn’t yet been diagnosed to any neurological (having something to do with nervous system) or organic (related to organs of the body) dysfunction.

Under this disorder folks need to adjust their TV s volume to a specific number, otherwise they get a bit uncomfortable or disturbed. It’s funny to know there are oh-so-many people having the same symptoms but, no body knows anything about the whys? Meaning what triggers it, how it all starts and all that jazz. Some believe that it’s common among mathematicians or somehow or the other associated with the fields of accounting/ business/ finance minded folks. Ask for me I’m related to all three of ’em.

It’s kinda nice to know that I’m not the only person in the world going through it, they even have a name for it hehehehe I’m a bad case of odd numbers. It has to be 3,5,7, 9,15, 17, 19 etcetera. What about you?

Surely i had nothing better to do but write about such useful trivia.

And such is life :)

10 Dec

It happens to some of us!It happens to some of us, unfortunately! But, Don’t let it happen to you.