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Love vs dream

8 Jan

Is your love for food getting in way of your dream physique? If yes, well you’ve got there some serious issue that you better look into asap.

When it comes to food, well we can’t seem to get enough, eh? Try our best not to be tempted by the constant stare of that sinful piece of brownie. But hey someone’s gotta put it out of  its misery, so why not we hey, hence we gladly give in.

Nibble, Nibble and nibble a wee bit more and we end up looking like a bunch of eat-breks. And then we waste food equally, shameless wasteful eejits.

I’ve dedicated this song to my love for food.

I don’t like you but I love you

Seems that I’m always thinking of you,

Oh ho ho you treat me badly, I love you madly,

you really gotta hold on me…


Ye Ishq nahi aasan…

29 Nov

Ye ishq nahi aasan,
bass itna samaj leejiyay
Ik aag ka darya hai,
aur doob kai jana hai.

These were my sentiments when I was thinking about gulping down a sandwich biscuit. Why? Well to answer that question, we’ll have to peep into the history a bit.

A few weeks back –  Flash back please, thank you!

Me: Oh my! I don’t look so good in these outfits, let’s buy new.

Next week:

Me: Darn it, my clothes have  either shrunk or that silly old tailor has forgotten how to shape clothes.

Next day:

Me: Gash, I’m a wee bit overweight – soup diet here I come.

You get the picture right.

Setting a goal is the first thing to do in your quest to achieve your target. It keeps you focused, tells you all about the DON’T S, because when you know all the don’t s, the dos list gets pretty short and much more ummm achievable.

Restricting yourself to a particular diet plan, when all the food, not just food, but food good for Gods is available to you gives meaning to your ISHQ in your goal/target. And boy it’s not easy! Trust me I know.

That’s when the well know “will power” shines in and gives you the strenght you need, the strength to carry on, it’s from a song, can you guess?

And you cast your fears aside
And you know you can survive

So when you feel like hope is gone
Look inside you and be strong
And you’ll finally see the truth
That a hero lies in you…

Accompanied with the pinned focus you already have set, this combo my friend, can work wonders for you.

But it won’t be an easy one, oh no it won’t be. You’ll have to do all it takes to take over yourself. In my case, I flipping don’t want to eat that sandwich biscuit that has been lying in the fridge for two days, or pretend not looking at the mouth-watering everybody s and mine of course favorite  Chocolate cake, that I baked myself and DIDN’T EAT.

It’s not easy I tell you, it’s not easy but I’m doing it right now and I’m doing it almost the way it should be done. I’m not trying to brag here but people actually say, that I make it look easy, I even got two to three women getting themselves a bowl  full of this cabbage soup just because they thought or maybe I made them feel that “Oh Nooo, this is a pure piece of cake” a piece of cake that I can’t have my hands on, sign hehe (what? it’s funny :))

But it’s my ISHQ bhai, I have remind myself over and over again, it’s my ishq and it won’t be easy, so don’t get your hopes high. Atleast I’m trying huh?

What about you have you ever seen something that would move you so much, that it became your Ishq? (paleeze keep your untold love affairs to yourself and stick to the topic, will ya? Thank you please.)

One disturbing discovery

26 Jan

New tools enable new structures of knowledge and technology. Advancements in the field of science and technology discloses unimaginable mysteries and mind-boggling facts. It always has and will continue to astound us by devising new methods to surprise us. But this latest discovery about head lice is as disgusting as it sounds.

According to Pakistani a discovery on head lice in Saudi Arabia has revealed that head lice not only sucks out unhealthy blood from our body but also facilitates blood circulation. And ask for that oh-so-continuous scratching caused by their oh-so-unwanted presence is actually good for the scalp, works like a good massage or chumpi as they call it. YUCK!

I promise I’ll be a good girl and stop eating fatty foods, daily comb my hair as much as i can to get the blood circulation going and make a habit of getting head massage on monthly basis but, please i still don’t want some  blood sucking parasites doing it for me. No thank you!
Have mercy paaaleese daikain!

It can be a profitable opportunity for all you exporters out there. I’m sure you won’t have any trouble looking for some lice headers.
Happy exporting!

My love for Masalatv

17 Apr

I’ve been following the oh-so-delicious recipies of this commendable channel, Masala tv since it rarely had any viewers.Masala tv logo Everyone i knew who was into cooking and enjoyed playing with flavours used to watch BBC FOOD. And i liked it too! Well to be honest not so long ago i discovered, the chef in me 🙂 For a tom-boy like me the passion for cooking, trying out different styles of cooking and baking, garnishing and presenting techniques, and how i love to cook for parties now wasn’t always there.

First there was only BBC FOOD and i liked it alot, honestly! But the major problem that i experienced with BBC FOOD was that often their chefs would sometimes miss out measurement of some major ingridient, then there was no recap option, and not to mention the cultural differences we share with non-muslims caused major problems. And then…

Eye Television Network Limited (ETNL) launched “Masala TV” an initiative by the network that has taken the country by storm. Our very first exclusive 24-hour food channel in South Asia. Catering to everyone with an interest in good food. The timing and planning of the channel was brilliant, launched 1 day prior to the month of Ramadan, Masala became a household name that was recognized all across Pakistan and helped set the dinner tables in almost all homes during the month of fasting.

Ever since then with a pen and a note-book in my hand i’ve been glued to this oh-so-inspiring channel. Thanks to Masala tv i now can make all kinds of food, you name it, at home. And it keeps getting better and better. A heaven on earth for food lovers and for those who love cooking for them, over and over again.

Masala tv gives us an insipiring opertunity to watch professionals cook, tips and their useful techniques make a heluva difference. Their presentation ideas are out of this world, in short I love ’em all ( well not all 😉 It brings the best culinary programming from across the region with renowned chefs and nutritionists sharing their expert secrets. My very favourite Chef Zakir is the king of Masala tv or should be. Where there is King, there ought to be a Queen and the Queen of Masala (in my opinion) is Chef Rahat. I get up at midnight just to watch Chef Zakir’s dear program and yes i know i’m crazy.

And btw, all the amazing recipe videos of all the chefs on Masalatv are available on-line on Khanapakana, do check ’em out.

A not to Masalatv: Masalatv, you’re the best. And i would like to congratulate the owner of Masalatv and those who came up with the idea and those who helped making it possible. Your efforts have paid off well!

Thank you, Jazak Allah, God bless you all!

Dengue fever, is back!

21 Oct

Yes,to our utter surprise the dengue virus spread by the bite of an Aedes mosquito is back in town. According to The News, dengue virus takes the life of a woman and 29 more tested positive.
aedes mosquito

To prevent the spread of dengue fever, you must first prevent the breeding of its vector, the Aedes mosquitoes. The Aedes mosquito is easily identifiable by its distinctive black and white stripes on their body. It prefers to breed in clean, stagnant water easily found in our homes. You can get rid of the Aedes mosquito by frequently checking and removing stagnant water in your premises.

Use bednets, spray sufficient amount of Mortein Mosquito killer or a similar insecticide in your bedroom before going to bed, cover water jars if any, wear mosquiot repellent lotion, every other day change water in flower vases. Clean and scrub the inner sides of vases. Wash roots of flowers and plants thoroughly as mosquito eggs can stick to them easily and read this – Dengue facts to safeguard your family against this deadly fever.

Mortein Rules !

10 Oct

Last night some ugly mosquitos were asking for a heavy spray of Mortein Mosquito Killer. The story goes like this. As i was going to my room upstairs, i heard the news reporter on an international channel warning everyone about the outbreak of dingy virus in pakistan. Having that in my mind i entered my room and started reading a book. Soon i felt the presence of another being in the room. “I’m not alone” i feared. And yes i was right, there were a couple of mosquitos flying around. They were on a picnic, i guess.

Suddenly the news reporter voice echoed inMortein Mosuito Killer spray the head, something had to be done. And soon. I looked around for weapons of mass-destruction when it comes to killing a mosquito. Oh well, i got my hands on the “Red Mortein Mosquito Killer spray” it’s been lying there on my dressing table since last year. Now we neede to use this old friend once again. And with my fingers crossed i sprayed a heavy amount in the room. And continued reading.

To my utter surprise, after 15-20 minutes i saw mosquitos falling down on the flour. And since i have a tiled floor so their dead-bodies could be seen lying there easily. Firstly they twitched like hell and then went into deeeeeeeeep sleep, never to wake up again.
Peace, calm and tranquility were my pals for the rest of the evening. And i owe it all to teh manufacturers of this spray, Jazak Allah! 🙂

Friends with labels?

25 Sep

Reading the daily times online issue, i stumbled upon the topic “Did you know?” It said,

“The leading cause of poisoning for children under the age of six in the home is liquid dish soap. “

Shocked as i was. I wanted to know more about it, which lead me to this informative site, providing answers to all my questions step-by-step.

  • Everyone should know about it, it’s Toxic home. It explains how important reading and knowing the labels on various house hold products is necessary now-a-days.

In this article they have also included a list of “Dirty Dozens” as they call it. A list of top 12 cancer-causing products in the average home. You can never guess the one on top, as in the most harmful one, the most feared one, or should be feared at least. You can never think of it. I dare you!

It’s none other but Johnson & Johnson Baby Powder w/Talc. Unbelievable. Couldn’t believe it myself.

  • And then Poison: Room by room provides you guidelines how to protect and secure your family especially children from these harmful products.

It’s a must for everyone of us. It truly is. We deserve to know this and it’s our right.