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An appeal to Almighty God

11 Mar

Oh Lord, The Almighty God,
Hear my prayer, hear my prayer!

We stand here feeling faint,
bruised, dejected
we regret things we’ve done,
choices we’ve made,
what in earth have we done.
what a fool we were.

But we need you,
ever so,
all the more.

Don’t let chaos take over,
don’t let it happen,
don’t let violence win.
let not blood shed
the suffering, the unending pain,
Oh Lord! test us no more,
oh please Lord, please no more.

Protect our country,
our people,
from the forthcoming violence,
knave, cunning, shrewd spirits.
Banish the tyrant, the evil,
the enemy within.

Make them scatter,
let them fall,
save us from the hater’s grip
Save us all!

Oh Lord, The Almighty God,
Hear my prayer, hear my prayer!

let actions do the talking

30 Jan

A couple of days back, i was sitting at the dinning table with my two year old daughter, making sure she finishes her plate.  When suddenly, i heard the loudest thunder ever. The violent unexpected blow jarred my brain and my two year old daughter burst into a loud cry with fear oozing out of her sweet innocent eyes, reaching out an arm, trying to get me to wrap my arms around her tightly and hug her. That fear in her eyes reminded me of all the children going through worst emotional trauma every second in Palestine, even as I write this.

I trembled at the thought of children of Gaza. And their ephemeral pleasures as Israeli Govt.  intensified its bombing campaign. Their angelic faces all  drenched in fear, trembling malnourished bodies, utterly traumatized faces, eyes glancing fearfully around watching their loved ones suffer, burning houses and deafening explosions.And the blood thirsty monsters continue to shatter lives of innocent people in their quest to dismember Palestine and its natBoycott Israeli Products completely!ives. There’s no disguising the fact that the lives of children of Gaza will probably never be the same, even then we should try to comfort them as much as possible.

So do what you can! do what ya gotta do! i thinks it’s our duty not as a Muslim , not as a family but as human beings to raise our voice against these relentless attacks .

They have a right to happiness, right to freedom. Having said that apart from donations we must also Ban Israeli Products completely. Their main products include Johnson & Johnson, L’Oreal, Estée Lauder, Nestle, Nokia, Revlon >>>

Boycott, spread the word and pray hard people!
Pray Hard!

Help save lives

29 Aug

Bajour victims in Nowshera and Mardan camps are in urgent need of your help. In a special episode of “Capital Talk” Hamid Mir tried to throw some light on their miseries. From food utensils to medicines they need just about “everything”. Donate as much as you can in the form of Zakat, khairaat, some warm cloths, bed sheets or even slippers as children run around barefooted on thorny grounds.


With Ramadan just around the corner these people with no food and shelter need your support all the more. So please help us spread smiles on the faces of these needy fellow Muslims.

Every penny counts!!!

Jazak Allah khair.