Know your Quran, know your Namaz

1 Jan

So tell me, when you offer your prayers, do you know what your saying, as in word by word? And same with the Holy Quran, when you read Quran, do you know what you’re reading? what Quran demands of you? Do you read the Arabic text or it’s translation?

Well as far as the first question about the prayer is concerned firstly i had literary “NO” idea what i was saying, and that was not many years ago. Last year i made a conscious effort to understand what i was reciting. And same is the case with Quran, not many years ago i only and only used to read the Arabic portion, missing the complete picture of what Quran demanded of me, but thanks to a loyal friend who made me realize the right way to read Quran, i-e understand it.
Now this year all we need to do is:

Learn Arabic.

Don’t take it lightly. What’s the point of doing your namaz and knowing not what you just said or did? Is this what Allah demands of you, that you must stand in front of him and utter some verses you know not, just cram ’em and you’ll end up in heaven. It’s much more complicated than that pal.

So, ask yourself questions like these and try to get answers. You will come to the same conclusion, insha Allah.

Happy thinking!
And a Happy New Year 2008.

13 Responses to “Know your Quran, know your Namaz”

  1. Farah at 9:19 PM #

    the real essence of our prayers is to understand what we are reciting in Arabic,
    the same goes for Holy Quran.

    from the day i learned to say my prayers and read Holy Quran, father taught us to understand it with the Urdu translation.
    my Dad brought many excellent books on prayers & performing ablutions.
    the thing is we have to take out time to go through them & understand them.

    may Allah help us in understanding & follow the Holy Quran. amin!

  2. |eemz at 10:20 PM #


    You know what on our way to our maternal Grand parents, my dad used to teach us some verses of Surah-e-yaseen. And trust me i remember them even now. After that i didn’t any more effort to learn more of it, but what i’m trying to say is that if parents get to teach heir kids about Quran and islam, the condition of youth would be much much better, insha Allah!

  3. Baseera at 1:53 AM #

    Ameen! I read all about quran and Iam so happy how our muslim brothers and sisters are into the religion of the truth and very impressed of the comments.. I want to read the Quran with the transilation in English but if someone could tell me where can I get it from… I do read the Quran Mashalah but i do not understand the meaning of the words I am reciting… May allah bless all of you Ameen Sumah Ameen

  4. sabah at 3:58 PM #

    crap website.

  5. |eemz at 7:58 PM #

    coming from you, it’s a compliment .

  6. learnquranonline1 at 2:59 AM #
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  7. safwan at 6:49 PM #

    i really want to know why should we recite the line,”VA ASHADHUNA MUHAMMADAN RASULULAH” while offering SALLAT.
    Even muhammad offered SALLAT to ALLAH,did he recite his own name in SALAAT?

  8. nazmeen at 8:56 PM #

    i know how to read sopme of my namaz but all i need to do is learn how to perform it

  9. nazmeen at 8:57 PM #

    i know how to read some of my namaz but all i need to do is learn how to perform it

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  12. Quran Recitation and Lessons at 11:39 AM #

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