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Younhee tamam hota hai

5 Jan

Youhee subha shaam hoti hai,
Zindagi apni tamam hoti hai.

Na kuch paaya, na khooya,
Jeewan ko apnay tamasha banaya.

Nadaniyon mai guzri apni tou zindigani,
Kadar iss zindagi ki humnay na jaani,
Kuch pal milay jo,
Hass ro kai beethay,
Haqiqat humnay kabhi bhe na maani.

Younhee subha sham hoti hai,
Zindagi apni tamam hoti hai!

Been wanting to spare some time for myself, for quite some time now. But all in vain. I don’t even offer my prayers on time. How stupidly lousy I am. How ignorant of the consequences. How imensely oblivious of the outcomes. How ashammed of myself I truly am, right now.

It’s 2 in the morning and I haven’t offered my night prayer, uh man! I hardly ever wake up for fajr ūüė¶ you know what, one of the identificication characteristics of ‘hypocrite’ is that they miss/ not regular in morning and the night prayer.Damn!

For how long, am I gonna live, 5 to 10 years maybe, make it even 20, what then? After that I’ll have to face all my short comings. Uh!

I disgust myself,
I truly do!

I confess, i’m guilty my Lord!

27 Sep

Yes! for a change, let’s just talk about me. And me alone!

Often in life many of us may fool others, but we should try not to fool ourselves. It is important to be aware of our actions and motivations. Self-criticism is a great way of “keeping an eye on yourself”, it means we have to be honest with “ourselves”. There is no benefit from trying to justify our bad actions. If we can learn to be honest with ourselves our conscience will prevent us from undertaking regrettable actions. Most of the times, we wrongly invest our oh-so-precious time and effort in justifying our actions to ourselves, and this my friend is the danger of not being honest with yourself.

Keeping that in mind, i have something to confess. But first let me tell you one thing that i (consciously) keep myself miles away from a place where people are engaged in some kind of Gheebat or even something close to it. But last night, i went to see someone and that person told me that our President, Mr. Zardari misspelled God , finding it hard to believe i took off to another gathering. And politics was “the topic of the day”. And there i mentioned what out Current President did during his recent visit to Mazar-e-Quaid i-e he misspelled the words, God and Strength. After that, we cursed ourselves, our political leaders, made fun of everyone and said some nasty things that we shouldn’t have.

Late at night, while was checking my mail and surfing for some news i stumbled upon this article, it said, “Zardari’s misspelled remarks proved fabricated” Shocked as i was, i said to myself “You disgust Me”.

It was then i realized what great sin I’ve committed.It wasn’t just the backbitting i should be worrying about but it was actually a greater sin than backbiting, and this is Bauhtaan, (slander) accusing someone of¬† something that is untrue or without any evidence.

In surah-e-Al-Humaza 104, verse 1 of the Holy Quran:-

“Woe to every slanderer and backbiter.”

In Surah-e-Hujrat (The private apartments) 49, verse 6 of the Holy Quran,

“O you who believe! If a Fasiq (liar – evil person) comes to you with any news, verify it, lest you should harm people in ignorance, and after wards you become regretful for what you have done.”

In another Hadith ,narrated by Al-Bukhaari, 2317:-

It was narrated that Abu Hurayrah (may Allaah be pleased with him) said: The Messenger of Allaah (peace and blessings of Alaah be upon him) said: ‚ÄúWhoever has wronged his brother with regard to his honor or anything else, let him seek his forgiveness today, before there will be no dinar and no dirham, and if he has any good deeds to his credit they will be taken from him in a manner commensurate with the wrong he did, and if he has no good deeds, then some of his counterpart‚Äôs bad deeds will be taken and added to his burden.‚ÄĚ

Always remember, Self criticism is not easy, but it is a valuable aspect of our self improvement. When we criticize our bad actions, it is unhelpful to retain a powerful sense of guilt. Guilt does not help us to improve, it can just make us feel miserable. When we have become aware of wrong actions, make a resolution to avoid doing it and then focus on doing the right thing. This is much better than becoming debilitated from guilt.

So please Lord i beg of your forgiveness and won’t repeat this horrible mistake ever, insha Allah! And if Mr. Zardari you happen to be reading this article ūüėČ well, avoid any on-air comments or some legal action. hehe I appologize for everything i said. i truly am.

Help save lives

29 Aug

Bajour victims in Nowshera and Mardan camps are in urgent need of your help. In a special episode of “Capital Talk” Hamid Mir tried to throw some light on their miseries. From food utensils to medicines they need just about “everything”. Donate as much as you can in the form of Zakat, khairaat, some warm cloths, bed sheets or even slippers as children run around barefooted on thorny grounds.


With Ramadan just around the corner these people with no food and shelter need your support all the more. So please help us spread smiles on the faces of these needy fellow Muslims.

Every penny counts!!!

Jazak Allah khair.

k sera sera,

31 Dec

 Benazir Bhutto

“Saaman saw baras ka pal ki khabar nahi” Couldn’t agree more!

 When it's your time.

Who knew that the year 2007 will wrap itself up on such a note. The death of Benazir Bhutto accompanied by the killing of 20 innocent civilians and 42 casualties was a shock not only for the Pakistani’s but the whole world. Followed by the burning of 1000 cars across Pakistan, numerous Petrol stations, Train station and God knows what.

With all the advance technologies, the death of Benazir Bhutto still remains a mystery. First they said it was a bomb blast, then it was the gun-hot that hit her in the neck and the chest, afterwards it was the lever of the car itself that became the reason of her death. Some say it was “Al-Qaida”, others blame the government. But nobody’s sure of themselves, they are just assuming, like anyone else and everyone’s doing that.

Some questions might never be answered.¬† And such is life. No matter who you are, where you are, once it’s “Your” time, the angel for death won’t make a mistake.

Freedom of speech, no more

17 Nov

An announcement on the Geo News said the authorities in Dubai had asked the network‚Äôs administration to close down its operations by Friday midnight. And same’s the case with Ary One world. Temporarily allowing Aaj, and Dawn News. The employees of Geo television network, after getting off air, took out a protest rally. Despite police presence, journalists chanted slogans against the decision of the government and the country from where the channel‚Äôs are aired.

Read more…

What will life be without Geo. Who’s going to take courage to deliver truth to public, who’s going to raise their voice against the tyrant forces.

I feel like we are a bunch of losers, sitting in our homes, doing nothing other than complaining, blabbering about things every now and then. Sitting here won’t help nobody, it will only help the Goveronment to do ‘whatever’ they want to do.¬†We need to do something to make a difference, to get Imran Khan out of the jail,¬†get Geo back in action and elecet Imran in the coming elections.¬†¬†

Jeenay do Musharraf,
Jeenay do benazir,
Jeeo Geo!

Soul sick anyone?

7 Nov

New eyes, new look, yes a brand spanking new, ME! That’s what i need currently. I need to see things with new eyes, new insights and new perspectives.

Right now I’m sooo bored of myself. The same old me is making me soul sick. I need to find that long lost “positive energy” of mine. Aaakkh i need help! I’m sick of constantly doing things i don’t wish to. Sometimes i feel there is no hope left in anything, nobody’s there for me, reassurances required i guess. I feel like everyone is oh-so-freakingly busy with themselves that they have started to take me for granted. Maybe i’m invisible to them. Maybe i’m demanding a little more than i used to. Maybe i need a little pampering, or God knows what.

I need to discover the “new me” and i need to find it soon or else… Help me find the new ‘me’ in any way you can, take out time to care for me, to make me feel special, make me feel wanted, Please! (Screaming out aloud)

I need a friend, a mentor, an adviser, a guru, the other self, a playmate, a pal, a devoted friend, a trusty, a buddy. Hey crony, lets try something different now, for a change i need you to find ‘me’ before anything else happens. See you soon, ūüôā Find me…

Patriot in me

29 Sep

Ai Maula is mulk ko salamat rakhiyo, iskai barshindoon ko salamat rakhiyoo, islam ka diya inkai seenoon mai raushan rakhiyoo. Nafsa nafsi ka aalam hai maula hum sab ko iss aaj sai mehfooz rakhiyoo. Iss daise ko shaad aabad hasta basta rakhiyoo.


Holy mess

15 Sep

Wo jo kehtain hain, kertai nahi
jo kertai hain, keh saktai nahi.
Unko koi samjhaai khudara,
wo kaisai andhairoon mai bhataktai hain.

Shauhar biwi sai, na biwi shauhar sai hai wafadar,
Ummat-e-muslima mai ye kaisai khandan bastai hain.

Purnum hai dil aaj un jawanoon kai liyai,
jin kai naasheh jazb-o-masti mai jiya kertai hain.

(Naasheh– mentor, people they look upto)

Karachi at stake, once again!

1 Sep

A few hours back, Shershah bridge, inaugurated by General Pervaiz Musharraf in Governor House for security reasons, on Aug.6th,2007, a major part of Northern Bypass which was constructed by the National Highway Authority (NHA), especially designed for the movement of heavy traffics to and from the Karachi seaport without passing through the city roads collapsed, leaving several cracks in the remaining structure and people are asked to stay away from it.  

The incident took place around 1:15 pm and caused great deal of damage. One person has been rescued from the rubble, at least six persons were killed and several feared dead by the city goveronment. Several persons crying for help, a mini bus, school bus, trucks and many private vehicles are reported to be trapped under the rubble.

The next few hours are very crucial as the city government has sent two cranes to the spot to help in the relief and rescue work. According to eye-witnesses more cranes are needed to lift heavy chunks of concrete. However if they dig under the rubble many lives can be saved instead of lifting the whole structure as it might drop several other pieces of the collapsed bridge on trapped individuals and cause more casualties.

A note for karachites:  If you or someone you love has experienced the pain of losing a loved one, please accept our most sincere condolences on this frightening tragedy. Our prayers and thoughts are with you during this difficult time.

A tell tale

21 Jul

The importance of communication has gained recognition because it is the most vital mean by which people are connected together in the society. That’s why scientists¬†across the globe are burning the midnight oil to provide better,¬†efficient and ultimate modes of communication.Turning dreams into relity.

Speaking of communication, can you guess which is the fastest, most effective, one that never fails, never delays either it’s hot like hell or pouring down for days, mean of spreading daily news, rumors, fashion, gossip, concocted stories.
Take a wild guess.
Okay for your convenience i’m giving you six options. Take your pick.

  1. T.V
  2. Radio
  3. Internet
  4. Fax
  5. Telephone
  6. Newspapers

And¬†the correct answer is secret option no.7 “Women”
surprised? heh!

Now let me explain it to you how we channel this flood of gossip 24/7 by an example  experienced by none other but me.

“A couple of days back an elderly (female) relative of mine was telling me a story about someone, and asked me to keep it hush- hush, as ¬†the woman who gave her this secret inside story asked her not to spread this news any¬†further(yeah right!)¬†‘beacuse’ the lady who was actually involved in the story only took that woman in confidence, and shared her secret with her, after given the assority that she¬†would tell no one about it.”
puzzled? thought so.

Now that it has become an open secret, i wanna ask these ladies a aquestion, so if your one of them feel free to answer.

Why? why? why do you do this, what good can come out of it except feeding haterd,contempt, misconceptions and¬†poluting minds with nothing but filth and malice for one another.Not only¬†you’r breaking someone’s trust but¬†you’r also committing another¬†sin, and that sin is backbiting(gheebah). No woman would¬†dare uttering¬†a single word about someone in a hateful manner if they knew the consequences of backbiting.

According to The Holy Quran:
Surah-e-Hujrat/The Private Apartments, Verse 12:
“O ye who believe! Avoid suspicion as much (as possible): for suspicion in some cases is a sin: And spy not on each other behind their backs. Would any of you like to eat the flesh of his dead brother? Nay, ye would abhor it…But fear Allah: For Allah is Oft-Returning, Most Merciful. ”
According to Jami Tirmidhi (vol.1)
Chapter 23, Piety and joining ties:
(1941) Sayyidina Abu Hurayrah reported:
“Someone asked Allah’s Messenger, “what is backbiting?” He said,” It is the remembrance of your brother in a way that he doesnot like.” He asked,” what if that fault is found in him?” He said,” If what you say is found in him then that is backbiting, Nut if what you say is not found in him then that is reviling him.”

And most of the times its sheer jealousy that causes us to say fallacious, concocted details , to  hurt their reputaion and what not. As far as jealousy is concerned lets see what Sahih Hadith has to say about it.

According to Jami Tirmidhi (vol.1)
Chapter 23, Piety and joining ties:
(1942) Sayyidina Anas reported:
“Allah’s Messenger said,” Donot sever ties of relationship, don’t criticise one who is absent, donot despise anyone and donot be jealous of anyone. But be slaves of Allah, brothers mutually. It is not lawful for a Muslim to abandon his brother for over three days.”

Another one says:

(1943) “Envy is disallowed except in two cases: a man whom ALLAH has given wealth and he spends of it by night and by day, and a man whom Allah has given Quran and he stands with it (giving its right) by night and by day.”

So next time when you conversazione with your friends (females particularly, as women are more habitual backbiters than men) try your level best to avoid backbiting,educate young girls about it, as they say ” It’s better to nip the evil in the bud”, tell them its horrifying penalties, try to educate them, Enlighten them, but first you need to educate yourself, enlighten yourself.

I think it would be a good idea, what do you think?

Tough combination, tough luck!

29 Apr

Imagine ur self in a state of¬† dilemma and you just don’t know what to do then what exactly would you do? if there were two doors to choose from.
Now the¬†question arises what’s behind those doors so here are your two beautiful¬† options, good luck! trust me you need it. heh!

Door 1> If you choose this particular door then both of your limbs as in the arms and legs duh! would be ‘chopped off’ and you’ll be allowed to live happily ever after, if you manage to survive after all that blood loss and all that shit. (I’m currently in a very sensitive mood so be a doll and mind my french will ya)
So what was i saying, oh yeah i need to tell you your other supposidly option i-e door no.2.
Lets see which surprises are lurking behind this special door.

Door 2>¬† You’ll be asked to live your life like a clown, no matter what! just smile. A car runs over you, what would you do haan? Whatever your thinking is the wrong ans to this particular question of mine, cos the right ans is ‘just smile and bear it’ like it never happened and mean it, say it from the core of your heart that you weren’t hurt, you didn’t feel anything, nope nothing not me, i’m as happy as ever.Your house falls down cos of rain, what do you do, you don’t complain just. Fake it buddy! Lemme ask another question, you ummmmmm fall off¬† K2 (second highest mountain in the world situated in Pakistan.) what are you suppose to do? Cleve enough haan. Last but not least this particular door also includes a daily dose of¬† two hours of happiness.

So, be realistic and  take your pick.
Which door would  YOU choose to live in.
I repeat be veeeery REALISTIC okay?
Thank you for your time.