31 Oct

My question is:

Does an endless road end?

There are two possibilities (maybe, maybe not are not accepted.)

Yes and No.

If No, then how can you say so? Maybe u were NOT dedicated enough to find out, that it actually
ended somewhere, somehow. So how can u tell haan?

If Yes, meaning, ‘an endless road’ ends then its no longer ‘an endless road’haan.It completely falls out
of the category and i’m talking about the endless one.

My question remain same, as Above. haaaaaaa!!!


8 Responses to “Double-talk”

  1. Anonymous November 1, 2005 at 12:33 AM #

    umm…nice question…a lil complexed…
    but…i vuld say No…n quite sure abt it…bcoz me ma self z havin an endless path…vich vill neva end…or i dun vant it to end:)

  2. $handanay November 1, 2005 at 1:16 AM #

    hmm…nice way to confuze ppl…i dun noe abt ya….but i ve an endless path…n i surely dun vant it to end…so az far az m concerned..NO!

  3. khawab November 1, 2005 at 6:33 AM #

    if u r walkin on a circle……will it ever have a end….. first answer ma question….da same answer gona be urs

  4. momekh November 1, 2005 at 6:05 PM #

    aah yess my way-too-dear-a-friend, an endless road ending…

    By you calling it an ‘endless’ road, you imply that the one already knows about the endless nature of the road. So the answer becomes very simple, like “no, an endless road can not end, duuh!” ๐Ÿ˜›

    but looking at it from a different angle (and I am doing that coz I have time right now to indulge in such vagaries ๐Ÿ˜› ) is that…
    what you are saying is a logical fallacy and to understand that, you would have to understand and somewhat study logic as a subject…its analogous to asking, “can God make a stone He can’t lift?” If He is God, surely he can make ANYTHING, right? But God can also lift anything he wants… so you see the dilemma? This sort of dilemma is a ‘logical fallacy’ in the sense that there is no answer to this as there is no precedence to this and in simpler terms, it ‘doesnt add up’…


    GodBless n other stuff…

  5. Asma November 2, 2005 at 1:12 AM #

    well, everything has an end even a dead end is an end … the end bechara just died nothing more;)

    take carez

    Nice blog !!

  6. Rรขdiรงรข||y Insane November 2, 2005 at 10:44 PM #

    $handanay: hmmm interesting, well like i said, it HAS to end somehow some where, sooner or later so gOoOoD LUCK!

    khawab: guess u didn’t read the title haan? :p nways, why wud i walk in circle haan? makes me feel dizzy dizzy, 1st ans my question then i’ll ans urs :p

    momekh: Logical fallacy, aaaaa, dats why its ‘double-talk’ duh! ๐Ÿ˜› khekhekhe.

    Asma: meanin the word ‘endless’ should be removed from de dictionary haan? ๐Ÿ™‚ awwwww

    “And so it remains a mystery.”

  7. Abcent November 3, 2005 at 4:15 PM #

    “Man himself makes things so complicated that he gets confused in the end, thus starts the endless momentum. I suggest you, you take things straight or otherwise you’re gonna be strangled by the inner loop, the infinte routine run has never been better to nobody.”

    And now get back to why I came down to you, “copy pasting Arabic fonts is now very easy, by using XP
    you can even type in urdu as well (98/ME users can try urdu word procs)”

    Some of your “settings” are improper ๐Ÿ™‚


  8. momekh November 3, 2005 at 7:38 PM #

    interesting to see that u know its double talk… still u somehow seem to be defending it… ๐Ÿ˜›

    baal kee khaal utaar
    koi faidaa nahi mairay yaar

    zore kiss pay huaa? ๐Ÿ˜›
    peace n Eid baaaarik

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