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Remember my name

13 May

Cos I’ll be back…

It’s been long… way long

21 Oct

I’ve been wanting to write an article for the past flippin’ two days 😦 and yet unsuccessful. I’ve thought about 4 -5 topics, but keep dumping it for one reason or the other. Ager aisay he raha tou kaam kaisay challay ga ustaad, hehehehehe

Writers block

I’m afraid I’m actually experiencing “writer’s block” hahahahaha as if… you know the rest 😉 why, why aren’t words pouring down onto me, who’s stopping me from yelling the truth out, who? who who?

First I was gonna write about something, then…

  1. Something
  2. Namaz momin ki Mairaj?
  3. Albert Einstein
  4. Feeding the poor

See, such beautiful topics and I don’t have a word to write about ’em. Tsk tsk tsk, what a shame. Do you ever feel this way? do ya? do ya? Do ya?

If i were…..

26 Mar

If i were a gardner would i still not grow flowers…

Did you catch the 2009 Flower festival at the Race Course Park, Lahore, no? You ain’t the only one then, psst lemme tell you a secret,” Neither did i” 🙂 (It’s 2 in the morning and I’m in one crazy-cum-sleepy/I’ll sleep when I’m dead mode) Well here some beautiful images taken by my cousin/ behnoee. He did a wonderful job and i thank him for these, i feel like I’m drunk although i have never ever been drunk in my life, ever! but i feel like one right now, hmmm

Reminder– it’s almost 2 am.

Flower show

I’ve always wanted a garden. One which would bring me awards, if there were any, heh! oh well some day, there will be flower competitions in Lahore as well, and i will win ’em all.

Yeah you’re right! guess  should just catch my Zzzzz huh?
Bubye fellow earthlings!

Get a life,Woman!

8 Mar

On this International Women’s Day 2009, i would like to say something to all the ladies out there.

  • Stop bitching about your friends, friends of your friends,  your in-laws, or the woman next door or someone friends to your neighbor.
  • It’s high time you grow out of your obsessive-complex about that equality issue between men and women, learn more about Islam, it will satisfy all your questions. Otherwise you ain’t getting anywhere.
  • You are beautiful the way you are. Stop underestimating yourself.
  • You don’t have to bear his useless crap, just because he’s your husband. Don’t let him treat you like an animal.
  • Get an extra hour of sleep if you want and tell your husband and children to respect your privacy.
  • Try lovin’ your in-laws.They ain’t that bad and do it for a reason and the reason being to please Allah in every possible way.
  • Try to learn kung-fu or some other form of self-defense course and avoid practicing it on your hubby 😉
  • Enjoy whatever your doing & think different because, thinking different makes all the difference.
  • Get a manicure, pedicure, facial or something to pamper yourself.
  • Get a life. Don’t get glum- get a hobby.
  • Know your rights in Islam.
  • Investing time in learning your responsibilities according to Islamic preachings is far, far better than watching T.v, seriously ladies, come ‘on!
  • Learn everything about Islam. Know what’s written in Quran, don’t just restrict reading it on funerals, Kul or only on Jummairat. Make a habit of reading it on daily basis and spread the word.
  • Avoid making emotional decisions, invite logic and rationalism more into your life.
  • They say “women are emotional creatures, always complaining, crying, yelling- just too damn moody and complex”, fix it or else :@
  • Lose that baby belly pudge will ya! palese! 🙂
  • Think, ponder, make a plan.

Always know: A man said to his wife one day, “I don’t know how you can be so stupid and so beautiful all at the same time.” The wife responded, “Allow me to explain. God made me beautiful so you would be attracted to me; God made me stupid so I would be attracted to you!”

Happy International Women’s day, ladies! 🙂

The prime mover — scribbling

25 Feb

Why are you doing whatever your doing? You like what you’re doing, if no then what forces you to do so?  Is Boss your happy with you? Are you happy with yourself? And most importantly is your God happy with you? What do you do to please your God? Do you do as He says? Why was the last time you offered your prayers five times a day for the whole week? When was the last time you sat down to find out what’s written in Quran? When did you help the poor and the needy? Do you think you’re wasting your time, just killing it softly?

The clock keeps ticking,
like it or not.

Sun’s bright,
sky’s blue,
snow is white,
like it or not.

Do while you can,
Think, ponder, make a plan,
question every move.

Make friends with the why’s
make sense to them,
satisfy your mind.

Give meaning to your life,
make most out of it,
laugh if you like,
cry when you need to,
don’t just wonder,
know it for sure – be wise

know the clock still keeps ticking
like it or not.

And such is life :)

10 Dec

It happens to some of us!It happens to some of us, unfortunately! But, Don’t let it happen to you.


23 Nov

And yesterday i baked a cake for my mother-in-law’s birthday. I asked my niece to take a picture of the cake so, will post it as soon as i get my hands on it.  I made a Chocolate Fudge cake and apart from the cake i also made cupcakes. Coffee flavored one’s for a change. Oh yeah, for the very first time they turned out nice.

End of boredom

18 Oct

I cleaned up my room thoroughly as in the book-racks, the dressing table, the bathroom, the draws and placed long-forgotten framed pictured on my “wall of memories”. Later was invited at manna-geez place for dinner but didn’t feel like going anywhere. Didn’t goto the mehndi aswell. Akkkkhhhhh i hate this!

After wasting several hours of my oh-so-precious one and-only-zindagi , i found the “Hangman” option on facebook. AAhhh wonderful! Currently i’m enjoying it alot. hehehehe
Finally my curse has been transferred to someone else.
Yayyy so who’s that poor fellow, is it you?

Google’s next target?

29 Sep

Are you a huge fan of google? Concerned about who and what’s google’s next target. Then you will enjoy reading this…

 Rumor: Google to buy (fill in the blank)

Have fun!

Missing doublet

27 Aug

Okay lets talk about something.  It’s about these messages  i received in bulk a couple of days back, it said:

27th Aug the Whole World is waiting for………
….*Planet Mars will be the brightest in the night sky starting August. It will look as large as the full moon to the naked eye. This will cultivate on Aug. 27 when Mars comes within 34.65 M miles off earth. Be sure to watch the sky on Aug. 27 12:30 am . It will look like the earth has 2 moons. The next time Mars may come this close is in 2287. Share this with your friends as NO ONE ALIVE will ever see it again.

It was huge. It was evrywhere, it seemed like just about every single soul on this planet was waiting for it. I received dozens of e-mails and text-messages on mobile that is,you must have received a couple of ’em too, did you? Bhai it was the talk of the town. I met a  lady on a party and she told me about it too. God! life time oppertunity, it was they say.

Oh well last night, my cousin and i were desperately searching for that oh-so-precious Mars just about everywhere in the sky, but all in vain. 😦 Ther was no sign of it. Did you find it?

What went wrong.  They said, Aug.27th, 12:30 Am, which actually means that it’s actually the night of 26th, only then it’ll be 27th 12:30 Am, right? Hmmm

New Header (not any more)

18 Jul

It says:

“Watch angels in the morning,
become devils in the afternoon”