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26 Oct

Are you familiar with this word? How often do you hear it? No, never, not often, everyday? So, what is change? Why is change important? Is is wise to bend rather than to break? What is change to you?

Change to me, my friend brings out the best in you, it makes you a better human because it allows you to explore your abilities and polish your skills. Opens new horizons for you to explore, so you never get bored of yourself. And who can get enough of the person having gazillion interests. (with a hint of exaggeration hehehe)

You discover new ideas, thoughts, feelings and the best of all, new-world around you. You won’t get bored anymore.

  1. But the first step to change, is self-assessment and that my friend ain’t THAT easy. All you need to do is, be honest to yourself, filter out all the things you don’t want in yourself  by first jotting ’em down on a piece of paper. Once done get to second level.
  2. Now the second level is that you, give it your best short and do wonders. Now there there, it won’t happen overnight but it won’t take THAT long as well.

Do it often, filter out unnecessary habits and make some space available for some fresh ones. Those who change will get spiritual wisdom. Conversely, those who have wisdom will decide to change. Because only stones don’t change 🙂

Live a better tomorrow.