Final ashra starts

1 Sep

Still sticking to the “Goal” for this month, God willing! But, right now I’m feeling quite choked up, frankly speaking. It’s because of the dream I had a couple of days back. It has left me clueless. With these final 9 or 8  days left, I need to make most out of them and ask Allah for forgiveness for all the known and unknown sins I have committed. Lord! help me, save me, please for it you will not forgive me, I will be ruined.

I need to pray more often. You do that too, pray from Allah Almighty, ever noticed how powerful this word “Almighty” is. Well pray and find out. Pray for your parents, pray for your siblings, pray for your children, your teachers, your friends, your neighbors, your community, your country, for the whole man kind, pray for the deceased and when you pray, please do pray for me. I so need your prayers.

Make most out of Ramadan this time and try to do “Ibadaat” as much as possible and don’t miss the fazilatain and barkatain and much, much more associated with Laila tul qadr.

Play your part well-Donate NOW!

27 Aug

Devastating floods have swept away entire communities in the north-west Pakistan. It’s the biggest disaster in history of world with 20 million homeless. Affecting 2.6 million acres of cultivated land, with the loss of crops worth $2.35 billion.

These people need your help, so please donate as much as you can. Just remember every penny counts and your support means the world to them.

May Allah be pleased with you.
Jazak Allah khair.

Smart goal setting

27 Aug

Can’t find the time and enthusiasm to offer that extra Nafil (optional prayer) you promised this Ramadan. Well we’ve got news for you. You don’t have to feel the way you do right now, anymore. Setting a realistic goal, my friend is the key to your answer. But, realistic approach it should be, please note again!

The main purpose of “goal setting” is to have and then maintain a focus. Focus doesn’t let us deviate from our objective. Channel your all possible efforts to achieve your “set target”, in the form of constant reminders. The idea is to set a goal. Set a goal, WTH! Well the concept is to keep you focused, right? and one way of doing it is to have a goal. Now your target should be realistic, don’t get emotional and over do it. Because you’ll get bored of it as soon as you start it. So, what is the best thing in hand. Well in my oh-so-humble opinion the best thing for you is to set a goal, say

  1. You’ll pray an extra nafil with each obligatory prayer.
  2. Recite one chapter (sipara) from he Holy Quran with urdu translation. Skip the arabic if you feel like it but the main point should be to read what Allah wants from hjus ad that He has provided us through His noble book. So you need not to feel guilty for not reading the arabic portion.
  3. Ask forgiveness from Allah a hundred times, by saying Astag fi rullah or something you please.
  4. Praise Allah a hundred times, some of the options can be,
Subhan Allahi WA bi humdihi, subhan Alahil Azeem.
Subhan Allah, Allah ho Akbar well you get the idea, no?
you’ll pray an extra nafil with each obligatory prayer.
Recite one chapter (sipara) from he Holy Quran with urdu translation. Skip the arabic if you feel like it but the main point should be to read what Allah wants from us. His guidance that He has provided us through His noble book. So you need not to feel guilty for not reading the arabic portion.
As we all know that the second ashra of Ramadan is almost coming to an end. None the less, we can still make most of the rest of the month if we didn’t take optional prayers (nafil), special dikr or a special something to please Allah Almighty, that seriously as we should have. Oh well it’s never too late.
Just jot down your goal and paste it on your cupboard, mirror, mobile reminder maybe, a some place where just to  keep yu focused. Tick each day whether you did what you were supposed to, daily. And say if you made a goal for one month, check at the end of the time period whether you achieved your goal or what. Keep in mind that there’s always room for improvement and once you achieve your target, set another goal and then another and then another and another.
Ask for me, my goal this Ramadan is, God willing.
  1. Learn Surah-e-Rahman and Surah-e-Yaseen by heart.
  2. Complete the Quranic translation, by  reading one chapter a day.
  3. Offer 10 optional prayers (nawafil) each day.
See, it’s realistically doable, God willing.
So, what’s yours? If don’t have any, there’s no time to lose, get ready, go…
Be pleased to please Allah Almighty.
Have a Goal!
Jazak Allah khair!

True essence of Fasting

22 Aug

With one Ashra down, two more to go, has it ever cross your mind why do we observe fast? What could be the “hikmah” behind it? What is Allah trying to teach us through this Holy month of Ramadan. Is it merely abstaining ourselves from the otherwise halal things in or does it have other motives?

The answers to all these queries and much more regarding fasting: it’s true essence, it’s significance, re-requisites and history has been answered in the following lectures by Javed Ahmed Ghamdi. A dear friend of mine shared these videos with me and after listening to them, there was no way I wasn’t going to post it for you guys.

In a nutshell: Roza slash keeping a fast is a symbolic representation of our complete and pure submission to the will of Allah.

May Allah guide us to the Serat-ul-mustakeem, grant us Hidayat, for if He will not guide us or grant us forgiveness, we shall be ruined.

Our Lord! Grant us good in this world and good in the life to come and keep us safe from the torment of the Fire. Our Lord! Let not our hearts deviate from the truth after You have guided us, and bestow upon us mercy from Your grace. Verily You are the Giver of bounties without measure.

Ameen ya Rabul-Aalameen,
Jazak Allah khair!

Stick to it and make yourself useful

27 Jun

Okay here goes nothing. I’m seriously sick of scribbling every now and then and then throwing some of my best ideas into the “drafts” column, never to look back.. There are atleast 4o posts in there, waiting for the Dear me to spare some time AND FINISH WHAT I STARTED, huh! I get these amazing ideas (being modest, I promise) and then nothing, NOTHING! I don’t use them, I don’t write about them, I don’t do anything about them. I’m just a lazy, lazy ummm person :S just like most of you. Who waste their time doing silly things, things that are not useful at all. Completely lost in their one-and-only, oh-so-highly-precious life.

I don’t wanna be like the way I am currently. I wanna change, I know where I lack, a little fixing here, some welding there (hand me the blow torch) and I’m back on track, insha Allah as if haha! :p

No! Not any more. I’m not gonna sit here and ruin myself, I’m gonna go out there and do my best, God willing. I’m gonna be who or what I wanna be. I know what I want and now all I need to do is plan how to get it (It’s My Life playing in the background)

But what are you gonna do, my friend? pointing fingers* You don’t know what you want from your life, you haven’t a clue, have you? haha! thought so. So, what you gonna do, huh, what you gonna do about it.

Have a thought, for a change. 😛

Dream big and live it

28 May

A couple of days back, I was watching the movie, “Lagay raho munna bhai” (If I’m not wrong) well Munna bhai II. You must have seen it, have you? If not then go watch it before reading further hehehe :p

Oh well, in the movie, there comes a part where all the retired, aged basically “unwanted” elderly folks are politely kicked out of their houses by their children and now all of them share a house and all that Jazz. In one particular scene which made gave me food for  thought was: All the elderly folks were sitting together and discussing what they wanted to do all their life but because of the responsibilities, priorities and God knows what, they couldn’t live their dream. One wanted to fly, the other had a passion for singing, and  another wanted to marry, again, and so on…

But the main point here is, all their life, lemme stress on it “All their freaking life” they didn’t have time for themselves. It’s surprising that they hadn’t fulfilled their “dreams” by the age of 60 even. I know, life can be tough sometimes, sometimes it may seem that it’s cruel even but still. Their over-indulgence in other affairs had left them clueless of what they “wanted” from life. Shame!

Don’t let this happen to you, don’t just let the days go by, live every sec. Make plans, know what you want, set your priorities and give yourself a “high-priority” tag and then decide.

Shuffle, rearrange, shuffle again, your thoughts, your life and take control. Because, time, my friend, is an invaluable treasure. Therefore, instead of wasting it, take an instant decision and use time in a worthwhile way. Take some action before it’s too late and you’re too old to live your dream.

Know what you’re doing,
Think again!

Younhee tamam hota hai

5 Jan

Youhee subha shaam hoti hai,
Zindagi apni tamam hoti hai.

Na kuch paaya, na khooya,
Jeewan ko apnay tamasha banaya.

Nadaniyon mai guzri apni tou zindigani,
Kadar iss zindagi ki humnay na jaani,
Kuch pal milay jo,
Hass ro kai beethay,
Haqiqat humnay kabhi bhe na maani.

Younhee subha sham hoti hai,
Zindagi apni tamam hoti hai!

Been wanting to spare some time for myself, for quite some time now. But all in vain. I don’t even offer my prayers on time. How stupidly lousy I am. How ignorant of the consequences. How imensely oblivious of the outcomes. How ashammed of myself I truly am, right now.

It’s 2 in the morning and I haven’t offered my night prayer, uh man! I hardly ever wake up for fajr 😦 you know what, one of the identificication characteristics of ‘hypocrite’ is that they miss/ not regular in morning and the night prayer.Damn!

For how long, am I gonna live, 5 to 10 years maybe, make it even 20, what then? After that I’ll have to face all my short comings. Uh!

I disgust myself,
I truly do!

“Snake-bitten chicken” for dinner?

23 Dec

Well, how would you feel if you asked your mum or wife, what’s for dinner? And she replied : Snake-bitten chicken. Well for us Pakistani’s, it’s nothing more than a bad joke but for Chinese, it’s actually “a treat”.

It’s a strange strange world out there. Yes most definitely. And it keeps getting stranger and stranger.

Perhaps you have noticed that restaurants like to give their food interesting/ weird names. Perhaps you have also avoided ordering the dish by its interesting/weird name maybe because it’s completely ridiculous or maybe you don’t wanna make a fool out of yourself, pronounce it wrong and be the joke of the day. So, just say I want item number LE 10053 🙂

But, for a minute, just imagine if this was NOT the case, and you find yourself in a Chinese restaurant. A real Chinese restaurant in China, not in Pakistan. And the menu says, “snake-bitten chicken” is our dish of the day. Well the name is now less interesting and more weird. But beware, When you’re having Chinese food in China, don’t be fooled, they literary do serve what’s written in the menu, Literary!

The image that I’m about to post here might be  sickening to few, “delicacy” for many, where a waitress demonstrates how to prepare a Chinese specialty known as “Snake-bitten Chicken,” at a restaurant in China’s southwest municipality of Chongqing


So, a dish named “Son of a botch” okay-ly appetizing in Pakistan is far, far better than a “Snake-bitten chicken” in China 🙂

Next time, when you are in Pakistan, feel free to order all the dishes with interesting cum weird names, that your waiter can’e even pronounce hehe, just Thank Allah that you’re in Pakistan and not in China 🙂

On this note,  whenever you plan to dine out, order the most weirdly named dish on the menu!

Happy eating!

All work and no tweetin’…

18 Nov

Twitter users are surprisingly increasing. With it’s up-to-date  and user friendly applications, tweeting was never this easy. Regardless if you’re going for lunch or need to spread a rumor, a single tweet will do the trick.

It’s fun using twitter. It caters for both professionals ans social butterflies. What more could you ask for.

Happy tweeting folks!

Learn from The Best

3 Nov

In Chapter 19, Al-Naml (The Ant), verse 19, Solomon (Hazrat Suleman R.A) makes a powerful yet humble supplication to Allah. He says:

“My Lord, arouse me to be thankful for Thy favor wherewith the thou hast favored me and my parents, and to do good that shall be pleasing unto Thee, and include me in (the number of) thy righteous slaves.”

What a beautiful one, indeed! In prayers you communicate with Allah Almighty, do you comprehend how powerful this communication and the word Almighty is? Don’t just say your “dua” for the sake of saying it after every salah but take it as a golden opportunity to forward your message to Allah. Keeping this mind, you’ll be surprised how it works wonders for you. And please, don’t just cram some verses in Arabic without knowing their meaning and true essence in mind, a supplication can be as powerful as one in Arabic, if it comes straight from the heart. There is no point in cramming them without any true understanding, so first learn their meaning and then include them in your daily supplications.

And since I plan to share some supplications from The Glorious Quran here, God willing, you can make most out of it and learn them by heart. Because you’ll be learning from the Best, The Word of Allah.

So please, make this dua one of your daily routine one’s. And please do remember Pakistan, Palestine, Kashmir and other Muslim countries in your prayers.

Pakistan Zindabad!

A Picture Says More Than A Thousand Words

27 Oct

Do you Agree or Disagree?