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My latest obsession

7 Sep

It was quite surprising to me that when I wanted to sing some “Naatain” of Prophet Mohammad PBUH, couldn’t remember any good one’e or the one’s that I liked. Kinda disturbing, isn’t it, when you know, you so know this when you can’t remember any lyrics, damn (damn would be an instant thought) follwed by some rational one’s, hopefully if you’re me, since you’re not, so good luck, khekhekhekhe  (weird funny mood so you can’t hold me in contempt of bad jokes)

So, In search of my Naatain, I stumbled upon this amazing Humd + prayer and fell for it, instantaneously! Guess you know, what I’ll be singing throughout this month. 🙂

It’s a well known Humd from our childhood, tried searching for it but all in vain 😦 seems like sami yusuf took over everything, anyways, it was something…

Hasbi rabbi jalAllah,
Maafi qalabi ghair Allah,
Noor-e-Mohammad sal-lallah
La illaha illal la.

Khul jaeen dar jannat kay,
Douzakh ki sab aag bhujhay,
dil sai koi ik baar kehay,
La illaha illal la.

feeling nostalgic?

Mad Mike, mad enough!

22 Mar

Yes, this video is a must, a must i tell you. It’s main characters are:

  1. Crazy Mike from Mad Mike and Mark, a TV series ( Starring two unconventional safari guides who track African animals and photograph them.) which airs on Animal Planet.
  2. A wild Lion.

Mike Penman and Mark Tennant make one crazy team. Both are Mad Mike and Markadventurous, fearless, daring, skillful, unconventional safari guides and wildlife photographers who have teamed up to track and photograph Africa’s wild animals and they both never get bored of it.

Mike once scared away a charging elephant, i am the animal was attacking this fellow and he just won’t budge eventually the elephant had to give in. So catch their show on Animal Planet. But please, no matter what, don’t ever try this at home, honestly. :p

And in this second video, you will see a tiger attacking a man on an elephant. (I wonder why they gave it a title, A lion attacks a man, I mean it’s not a Lion, look close! It’s a Tiger, you dummy! :)) Holy molly! First of all it’s a tiger, then getting attacked by a vicious tiger while you’re sitting on an elephant is just plain, amazing in a fretful way. I mean, why, how and how again! 🙂

Happy viewing!