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Tough combination, tough luck!

29 Apr

Imagine ur self in a state of  dilemma and you just don’t know what to do then what exactly would you do? if there were two doors to choose from.
Now the question arises what’s behind those doors so here are your two beautiful  options, good luck! trust me you need it. heh!

Door 1> If you choose this particular door then both of your limbs as in the arms and legs duh! would be ‘chopped off’ and you’ll be allowed to live happily ever after, if you manage to survive after all that blood loss and all that shit. (I’m currently in a very sensitive mood so be a doll and mind my french will ya)
So what was i saying, oh yeah i need to tell you your other supposidly option i-e door no.2.
Lets see which surprises are lurking behind this special door.

Door 2>  You’ll be asked to live your life like a clown, no matter what! just smile. A car runs over you, what would you do haan? Whatever your thinking is the wrong ans to this particular question of mine, cos the right ans is ‘just smile and bear it’ like it never happened and mean it, say it from the core of your heart that you weren’t hurt, you didn’t feel anything, nope nothing not me, i’m as happy as ever.Your house falls down cos of rain, what do you do, you don’t complain just. Fake it buddy! Lemme ask another question, you ummmmmm fall off  K2 (second highest mountain in the world situated in Pakistan.) what are you suppose to do? Cleve enough haan. Last but not least this particular door also includes a daily dose of  two hours of happiness.

So, be realistic and  take your pick.
Which door would  YOU choose to live in.
I repeat be veeeery REALISTIC okay?
Thank you for your time.

Gone for good

11 Apr

Aawam kai puzoor israr per, i’ve deleted my previous post containing an image of some lady, you know ehich one i’m talking about right?

Well in the end i just wanna appologise if any of you were offended or  felt anything even close to it.sad face

Improbable but possible?

21 Jan

Question of the day:

My mother tongue is ‘urdu’, so can i ever have dreams in English, haan?

Cos the thing is , now i wanna know how it feels like to have dreams in English. I know it sounds absurd but thats what i want bhai.

Give-thanks-to ALLAH

15 Sep

Internet sources of various stripes are saying that the English-Arabic hamd, said to be sung by
Michael Jackson was actually sung by either Zain Bikha or by Yousuf Islam (the former Cat Stevens as the Arabic pronunciation, arabic accent is perfect and their voices are very much the same that it’s hard to differentiate etc etc.

Well if you ask me i don’t understand what the fuss is about. If it’s true that it’s actually sung by Mj, then well n good, masha ALLAH as the Arabic accent is simply out of this world and i welcome him to Islam and our brotherhood and may ALLAH bless him with true guidance and peace in his life, if not it still remains a remarable hamd as the lyrics, the arabic pronounceation is amazing.

In the end all i wanna say is that may ALLAH bless who ever sung this beautiful hamd, ameen.

Migraine anyone?

5 Sep

Can you guess what this is?
come on, think harder!
Okay never mind. Now lemme tell you.
This is a representation of a barn seen during an attack, painted by an artist and migraine sufferer. Mind you
Migraine attacks can cause a variety of visual symptoms as well as the notorious stabbing head pain.

Damn it’s freaky.


7 Feb

Seriously guys, whenever i ask myself these perplexing questions like, what i plan to-do in future, where i stand in life, what are MY aims in life, objectives and MY dreams i’m completely bewildered, puzzled, I’m utterly lost.
There’s nothing but silence.
And its so damn frustrating. I mean its my life, ONE DAMN LIFE is all that i’ve GOT AND I DUNNO WHAT TO DO WITH IT, how to get most out of it,uh man!
Although its depressing yet im not hopeless. I know sooner or later i’ll figure something out insha ALLAH, i’ll have it the way i want it insha ALLAH, IF i know what i want, and i can’t ans this question, i don’t have any thing to say.
This is the right question. What do I want?
As ALLAH says that, nothing in this world has been created without a purpose.
Of cos, offering prayers atleast five times a day, receiting,understanding
Quranic verses, fulfilling one’s duty as a human being, HAKOOK-UL-IBAD, and HAKOOK-UL-ALLAH. (hey hey hey where ya headed girl, im not, NOT talking abt these things bhai, u know all this, what u want to know is either u wanna become a writer or a doctor, designer or an architect and stuff like that,ya know hmmmmmmmmmmmm )

Uh! neva mind!!!

What’s your verdict? GUILTY!

13 Nov

Uh! my bad 😦
I don’t know what to do, where to begin with,don’t know how to clear the mess i’ve created, don’t know how to change myself 😦 Don’t know who started it, doesn’t matter
how it ended, all i care is that im Guilty!
But, today ive learnt some of my life’z important lessons :-

1> Whenever ur elders ask u to do something, do it instantly. No matter how busy or
worn-out u are just do as directed, get the job done.Even if ur ill just do it, do the flipping
job, and the die! ha!

2> Never break someonez heart (well we all know abt that but seldon practise it) or
suffer the consequences.

Come on!
beat me! beat me up!
till i can no longer breath,
body covered in bruises
and my ankles bleed.

beat me up!
like im ur punching bag
lemme taste failure, pain oh! the shame
for i forgot all i was taught,

Beat me up!
to rid myself of guilt,
agony and comdemnation,
as once again i’ve crossed my limits
blotted my copybook,
and ended up
hurting you.

So beat me up!
for there is no other cure.
don’t stop! cos if u do,
i assure you, i’ll do the same
so beat me! beat me!
beat me to death!


31 Oct

My question is:

Does an endless road end?

There are two possibilities (maybe, maybe not are not accepted.)

Yes and No.

If No, then how can you say so? Maybe u were NOT dedicated enough to find out, that it actually
ended somewhere, somehow. So how can u tell haan?

If Yes, meaning, ‘an endless road’ ends then its no longer ‘an endless road’haan.It completely falls out
of the category and i’m talking about the endless one.

My question remain same, as Above. haaaaaaa!!!

Her 20th death anniversary

12 Oct

A girl all dressed up in red and black, a red backless dress with black cap sleeves, curls of her hair falling over her shoulders, black gloves, a diamond ring in her left hand’s ring finger and a black purse in her right hand, wearing high-heeled shoes, was standing at the window, staring outside.

A new beginning, a fresh start, 27th of May, it was her 20th birthday. And she wasn’t alone celebrating, the Moon, the stars and the ever expanding dark sky were her guests.

As she gently opened the window to her balcony, wind softly moved the lace curtains. Wind tenderly lifted the curls of her hair into the air and back as she stepped outside. It was eleven o clock at night and oh so quiet out there. In front of her lay a beautifully carved wooden table, covered in a plain red tablecloth. Her birthday cake was resting on top of it. She looked at the blackened sky, took a deep breath and closed her eyes, feeling the un-felt, letting the wind tickle and play with her body. She stood there
with no smile, no excitement, no thing at all for quite some time. All the guests had arrived and it was time to cut the ‘happy’ birthday cake. So she moved towards the wooden table, leaned towards it, blew out the flickering candles and made a wish. A ‘wish’ as empty as her heart, then picked up the knife and sliced the cake, whispering herself a very ‘happy’ birthday. The knife as smoothly sliced the
cake as the blade neatly cuts the skin open.

She always wondered why people are all so excited when it comes to celebrating their birthdays, whats
so special about them, its just ‘another’ day, when u gotta dress up nicely and pretend to be smiling and all satisfied inside.

Perplexed by these questions, she picked up the peg shaped glass , pour some wine in it,whispered ‘cheers’, took a sip and placed it back onto the table, later picked up her cake, went in and placed it into the fridge and strolled towards her bedroom.

Everyday im a little more ‘Me’.

8 Oct

I like onions even when they fill my eyes with tears, cos
they are only doing their job.

31 Aug

Obey obey !
do as i say
you can’t resist
don’t do it this way.