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8 surprising reasons why your baby’s crying

18 Sep

This a fantastic post which narrows the communication gap between you an your new born. It will help you understand your baby’s likes and dislikes. When he wants you to change his diaper, feed some more milk or maybe he simply wants you to be around.

This article covers 8 reasons, why he just won’t stop crying.
which include>>>

  1. “Would you please take off this sweater?”
  2. “Can’t we all just get along?”
  3. “I’m totally stressed out!”
  4. “My tummy hurts!”
  5. “Ouch, I’m being pinched!”
  6. “I’m feeling lonely over here.”
  7. “I’m starving!”
  8. “This wall I’m staring at is getting a little old.”

Happy reading!

Friends with labels?

25 Sep

Reading the daily times online issue, i stumbled upon the topic “Did you know?” It said,

“The leading cause of poisoning for children under the age of six in the home is liquid dish soap. “

Shocked as i was. I wanted to know more about it, which lead me to this informative site, providing answers to all my questions step-by-step.

  • Everyone should know about it, it’s Toxic home. It explains how important reading and knowing the labels on various house hold products is necessary now-a-days.

In this article they have also included a list of “Dirty Dozens” as they call it. A list of top 12 cancer-causing products in the average home. You can never guess the one on top, as in the most harmful one, the most feared one, or should be feared at least. You can never think of it. I dare you!

It’s none other but Johnson & Johnson Baby Powder w/Talc. Unbelievable. Couldn’t believe it myself.

  • And then Poison: Room by room provides you guidelines how to protect and secure your family especially children from these harmful products.

It’s a must for everyone of us. It truly is. We deserve to know this and it’s our right.

Little-angel to baby-doll

27 May

The time has come. Two solid teeth on bottom. A few on their way. Anyways the big news is, Today as in on May 24th, 2007 around 7 pm Mashaalu was holding her bottle all by herself, feeding on her own the very first time for about ten to twelve minutes, awww! It was fun watching her do that. (Awaiting image)

And and and Mashaaluz first day in the pool was on Friday, May 18th,2007. It just all seems to be happening so fast. First she’s a newborn, now she’s trying to crawl and sit up on her own. Moving to solids. Her teeth are coming in. Her hair is coming in ,finally! hehehe One thing I know for sure is thaFirst trip to pindi.t no matter how quickly she grows up, she’ll always be my ‘baby doll’. Baby-doll sounds nice, isn’t it? (Awaiting image)

This is the picture of Meeshalu on her first trip to Pindi, Rawalpindi. Awww She’s looking so cute. Masha ALLAH.

It’s in the air, is it?

13 Jan

Right now i’m feeling so stressed out, dejected, low-spirited, distressed and GOD knows what else. I havn’t gone out, havn’t done something that would please me, ummm like something exciting like bowling, driving around with no marked destination, just plain driving or maybe swimming, or visit some old friend, if there is any heh! or go out for ice cream or dinner or any shit like it. heh!

i need to do something about this, seriously guys, i need a gush of FRESH air, yes thats what i want. yup!

Now that we’ve alhumdo-lillah analyzed the root cause of the problem,searching for a remedy won’t be that big, insha ALLAH. (i was wrong about it)

wish me luck!

I’m going for a walk :), oh no i can’t. Shooooot! :@

i have to get ready for the wedding, uh! but i wanna go for a walk, No u can’t, u have to get Mashaal ready and her make her sleep. Aaaaaaaaaaaah!

i wanna go for a walk. 😦

My little angel

24 Dec

A normal, healthy growing child is such a stupendous blessing that one can never thank ALLAH enough. The preciousness of these little angels can only be completely understood when seen throug the eyes of parents having some abnormality in their children or worst are deprived of this blessing.

I can’t call up when was the last time i supplicated to ALLAH for a healthy, normal both mentally and physically, noble off spring. Maybe sometime in 8th or 9th grade. Back in college my friend PG and i used to discuss over the importance of having a normal, healthy baby and how most of the parents take it for granted.

Nwys the BIG news is ALLAH blessed  Mohammad and i with a baby girl, Mashaal on Nov.11th’06. She had black hair on her head and some on her forehead, cutely curled long lashes and i almost forgot green eyes, which have now turend gray. hehe GOD knows whats next hah. 

She’s no doubt ‘a dream come true’.