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Play your part well-Donate NOW!

27 Aug

Devastating floods have swept away entire communities in the north-west Pakistan. It’s the biggest disaster in history of world with 20 million homeless. Affecting 2.6 million acres of cultivated land, with the loss of crops worth $2.35 billion.

These people need your help, so please donate as much as you can. Just remember every penny counts and your support means the world to them.

May Allah be pleased with you.
Jazak Allah khair.

straight from kalabagh

31 May

I’m writing this from kalabagh. Suite number 117 g, green spot. The top of the top location. Best of the best place.

I liki in here. Came here on Friday, now planning to go home (Lahore) tomorrow, insha Allah. It’s kinda too cold today but, no problemo, the heater is working 24/7, the geazer never stops pouring hot water out of the taps. This place is cozy, comfy and a something one would wish to go especially to get some break from the scorching summer heat in Lahore.

Mohammad is sleeping on the couch, sohail bhai and unaiza are tucked in, nice and comfyly on the other couch. While I, the royal highness is sitting in a chair with my feet rested on the glass table infront. As relaxed as one could wish for. And guess what we’re watching? Hehehehe

We’re watching madagascre. 🙂 BBQ is on it’s way, hopefully coz I’m starving.

Having a good old time I am 😀

Pen pushers take note please

9 Apr

Yes, let’s start! Okay so what do you see in the image below. Well you don’t have to be  a genius to know, ya’know 😉 It’s clear that you see three syringes lying side by side, filled with three different fluids, huh? right?

Wrong! hehe

Ordinary syringes huh?

These ain’t ANY regular syringes in front of you. These are pencils hehehehe yes, see for yourself. When you press from the back, the thin stick of pigment (usually graphite, but can also be colored pigment or charcoal) is pushed forward and Viola, you can write as much as you want.

think again!

Lemme write something for you 🙂 It’s amazing how creative you can get with it.

can your syringe do this :p

How ingenious huh? Talk about creative thinking hey, I think it’s amazing, creative and captivating. God i love it! I gave it to my sister whose just about to finish her MBBS’s house job. Everyone i meet just love these pencils and they can never tell the difference. 🙂

If you want to buy them, well they are available at The Toy Shop. Each pack contains four syringe like pencils, with different fluids. And about the shop well, if you have kids, you must have been there a gazillion times. But, if you haven’t well it’s opposite Pizza Hut on M.M.Alam Road, Lahore.

I’m gonna get another pack for myself. You go get one for yourself too and put pen to paper. 🙂

Breath of fresh air

19 Mar

After the reinstatement of the judges, now we can focus on other pending major issues. Finally! Thank God! No seriously people, now we know the power. How people as a Nation join hands and make decisions. Now we know the much underestimated Power of People. How we can turn the world around, make a difference because, we have the power, we have the power! And Mr. 100 % must have got another shock of his life when,our Prime Minister Yusuf Raza Gillani declared to return the power/right back to the parliament, power that had been snatched away by the military strongman General Pervaiz Musharraf.

“Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani vowed to return to parliament authority that it lost in 2002 when former leader PervAIz Musharraf gave sweeping powers to the presidency, including the power to dismiss parliament.”


“We are committed to changing the system,” a confident Gilani said. “My main endeavor is to end the politics of confrontation.”

He added that he planned to cooperate with Pakistan Muslim League-N chief Nawaz Sharif.

“I am sure we can work with Nawaz Sharif in strengthening the democratic process,” Gilani said. “We have to return to parliamentary democracy on the lines of Westminster.”


Let’s us hope for the best, let’s keep our fingers crossed.
Always know:
Be the change you want in the world.

Let’s be one, let’s do it, let’s go!

An appeal to Almighty God

11 Mar

Oh Lord, The Almighty God,
Hear my prayer, hear my prayer!

We stand here feeling faint,
bruised, dejected
we regret things we’ve done,
choices we’ve made,
what in earth have we done.
what a fool we were.

But we need you,
ever so,
all the more.

Don’t let chaos take over,
don’t let it happen,
don’t let violence win.
let not blood shed
the suffering, the unending pain,
Oh Lord! test us no more,
oh please Lord, please no more.

Protect our country,
our people,
from the forthcoming violence,
knave, cunning, shrewd spirits.
Banish the tyrant, the evil,
the enemy within.

Make them scatter,
let them fall,
save us from the hater’s grip
Save us all!

Oh Lord, The Almighty God,
Hear my prayer, hear my prayer!

Most popular chef in Pakistan

18 Feb

Masalatv then quickly followed by Ary Zauk are the best things to happen to all those who not only love eating different cuisines but equally enjoy cooking ’em as well.
So if you’re a food lover, feel free to cast your vote to your favorite chef.

And the winner is my very favorite, the very Best: Chef Zakir! 🙂

Book Fair ends today

18 Feb

Yes, the 23rd Lahore International Book Fair at Fortress stadium, Lahore ends today. It would be nice of you to step out of our cave and go buy some books before you go into hibernation again :p Heh! well who am i sass you, i found about the Book Fair yesterday 🙂 But as soon as i found about it, i didn’t waste much time and within an hour, i was among “The Fair people” 🙂 hoping to find something to grab their interest. People who had already targeted what they were looking for quickly moved from one section to the other, passing all sort of  books neatly placed on a table, in wooden wall shelves and metal staLahore International Book Fair 2009nds.

This Book Fair has been organized by the LIBF trust.

The LIBF Trust was set up in 2006 by four leading members of the book trade in Pakistan. They are: Zubair Saeed, Najam Sethi, Saleem Malik and Mohammad Faisal.

The aims and objectives of the LIBFT, which is a non-profit NGO, are to promote the cause of book publishing, book selling and book reading in the country.

I bought two books for myself, one one  Cocktails and other solely about Chocolate deserts. 🙂 If only i had more time i wanted to buy more on science and literature, maybe drawing, but alas! Only visited half of it and it was time to go, had to leave with a thought of coming back today insha Allah and who knows, i just might go there again. Because the place is worth the time, a nice clean place with decent people walking around all sort of books some even on 10-30% discount. I took some pictures of the fair and would have taken more, if only those darn batteries hadn’t died.

Books books everywhere!


I’m sure you would take some time out of your oh-so-ever-busy-time to visit and hopefully find something of your interest and worth the bucks 🙂 Ask for me I’m already looking forward to the next years Book Fair!

Happy Reading folks!

Wo load shedding kia hoee?

7 Feb

Man! it’s been more than forty eight hours now and no load shedding. It kinda feels weird in an absolute ear-to-ear smile kinda way 🙂 Wonder what’s going on. Haven’t heard anything from the government though.

Right before this absolutely No-load shedding, light used to go out for two hours after every hour but, now no nothing, it’s not that I’m complaining, i don’t see anything to complaint now 🙂 but just thinking out aloud as to, what exactly happened here. How in earth did our government manage to accommodate the whole Punjab or maybe the whole country i don’t know all of a sudden, just like that. hmmm

Well what ever happened to all the energy crises,
I’m lovin’ it. 🙂

Pakistan’s first blog writing competetion

21 Jan

I don’t know what, but there’s something magical about the word “competetion” competition. It’s my driving force, excites me to the core, gives me the energy, the vibrancy to break barriers and go farther than before. Makes me feel like a shooting star trapped in a body, always pushing forward, skyrocketing towards aims and goals.

Yesterday i happen to read about this new competetion competition, in fact it’s Pakistan’s First Blog Writing Competetion Competition held by ProPakistan.

“The competition is open for all established and no established bloggers and aspiring bloggers of all ages round the Pakistani Blogosphere. The purpose of this competition is to promote the blogging trend in Pakistan, and to explore the ideas with which Pakistani blogosphere can help the different societal, political and economic problems.”

oh wow! what a wonderful opportunity. So all of you writers out there, grab a pen and a paper and start writing your thoughts on the topic. And always know that it’s not just about winning or losing, it’s about playing and being part of it.

Happy writing folks!

High Alert!

23 Dec

Pakistan military on ‘red alert’

You don’t scare us.

22 Dec

Yes. Listen close India! you don’t scare us, you don’t scare us at all. Despite your blatantly rotten threats, we don’t want a war, we never wanted one in the first place, but you’re really pushing us to the limits of our patience now. After all you have to blame not just someone but Pakistan for your Mumbai Attacks, it has to be Pakistan, no matter if there is no proof or anything, It has to be Pakistan!

Even you know it in your filthy hearts, it’s not Pakistan, but one way or the other you NEED to divert the attention of your oh-so-furios public, what a wonderful oppertunity, indeed! 

First, there’s this Airspace intrusion from your side.  Okay let’s presume it wasn’t you, it must have been some birds, right. That’s what you want us to believe, right? okay for a minute just assume it for the time being. But how do you explain this, 

1>India Holds War Room Meeting For An Attack On Islamic Republic Of Pakistan 

 2>India started deploying troops along Rajasthan border

And here’s a word of advice for Miss Sonia Gandhi: Barking dogs seldom bite. We Pakistani’s don’t like wars, we like to maintain peace in our region, every terrorist with beard is not necessarily a muslim or Pakistani. We Pakis condemn terrorist attacks in Mumbai from the bottom of our hearts and sincerely hope that all the culprits are apprehended.

But if war is imposed upon us, we as a Nation will stand up to defend our country from its enemies. We’ve braved previous wars. Our soldiers are so strong and brave that they don’t even fear death, they fear no-other but Al-mighty Allah. And we will do just about anything to guard each and every inch of our land because, “Pakistan has the capacity, right to defend, if war imposed:Mukhtar  “

PAF jets made flights in airspace of Islamabad, Rawalpindi and Lahore on Monday afternoon after which local residents were climbed on their rooftops, shouting Allah-ho-akbar.

Meanwhile, all airports of the country put on high alert. A flight bound for Dubai from Lahore and another flight coming Lahore from Quetta have been halted till further orders whereas all passes at Lahore airport have been cancelled.

PAF sources said that fighter jets are on routine flights and making surveillance of country’s airspace.

Pakistan Zindabad!

Jurraton kay qaraz dar ho tum
jo hifaazat karay sarhado ki

woh falak bos deewar ho tum
Ae shujayat kay zinda jawano 
meray nagmay tumharay liay hain

Ae watan kay sajeelay jawano…