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When you know too little, too much!

6 Jan

You know what happens when you know too little, too much? Disaster. Kaboom, yes Kabooooom with as many “ooos” as you like.

Because when you do things for the sake of doing them, mostly because you see everyone around you doing it, you put yourself, your faith, your belief in great danger. Allah doesn’t want you to offer  Salah five times a day without even knowing the meaning of it. He doesn’t want you to fast in the Holy month of Ramadan to overeat at Iftar. He doesn’t want you to cover your head when you hear the call for prayer, HE doesn’t want you to place The Holy Quran on a beautifully carved wooden shelf and forget to read it everyday. He doesn’t.

He Wants you to know your actions. Because you cannot escape the consequences of them. Whether you’re listening to music or not, wear jeans or hijab, smoke or drink,  you should know what the hell you’re up to and have a rock solid answer for every action.

Don’t cover your head because your mum says so. Don’t smoke to look cool or because everyone is doing so. Try to become friends with all the “whys”, ponder, investigate. Stop nodding at everything you’re told. Find out whether something is allowed in Islam or not through references and then adjust yourself accordingly, please don’t try to find gray areas and try to fit Islam according to your own desire.

Knowing your actions, or what you’re doing and why you’re doing is so immensely IMPORTANT that Allah Almighty has based Jannah and Jahannam on it. Rejoicing in Heaven or burning in the scorching heat of Jahannam will be judged on your actions in life, a repercussion you may say. That will be the reaction of your actions, so you better know what your doing, right? Hell yeah!

All your actions have consequences. Don’t ever be fooled into thinking that your actions don’t have consequences. Don’t think you can get away with bad choices even if you don’t seem to get caught.

So, please know what your up to, then what your family is up to, your friends, your neighbors, your servants, so you may direct them in the right course of direction, so we may all live happily together in Jannah!

Start compiling questions and seek for answers from the Holy Quran, may Allah be your protector and helper!

Watch the way you live your life because you reap what you sow.

True essence of Fasting

22 Aug

With one Ashra down, two more to go, has it ever cross your mind why do we observe fast? What could be the “hikmah” behind it? What is Allah trying to teach us through this Holy month of Ramadan. Is it merely abstaining ourselves from the otherwise halal things in or does it have other motives?

The answers to all these queries and much more regarding fasting: it’s true essence, it’s significance, re-requisites and history has been answered in the following lectures by Javed Ahmed Ghamdi. A dear friend of mine shared these videos with me and after listening to them, there was no way I wasn’t going to post it for you guys.

In a nutshell: Roza slash keeping a fast is a symbolic representation of our complete and pure submission to the will of Allah.

May Allah guide us to the Serat-ul-mustakeem, grant us Hidayat, for if He will not guide us or grant us forgiveness, we shall be ruined.

Our Lord! Grant us good in this world and good in the life to come and keep us safe from the torment of the Fire. Our Lord! Let not our hearts deviate from the truth after You have guided us, and bestow upon us mercy from Your grace. Verily You are the Giver of bounties without measure.

Ameen ya Rabul-Aalameen,
Jazak Allah khair!

Obey traffic rules?

9 Mar

We all know that there’s a ban on using mobile phones while driving. In other words, it’s illegal for you to use cellphone while driving.don't use cell phone while driving

It’s a different topic, whether it should be banned or not.  But my question to you is, do you obey it? Do you try to text someone with one hand on steering wheel anymore?

You know it’s dangerous, you even know it’s illegal now, but still, do you manage to keep it out of traffic-warden’s sight and carry on with your conversation. And it’s not just mobile phones, crossing red lights, over-speeding is not even brought into consideration,  sadly enough!

What will it take to make you understand. Are you that selfish. Don’t you want to change. Why can’t you respect traffic rules and regulations huh? Where’s your conscious, do you always have to wait for the traffic-warden to warn you or worse give you a ticket.

Next time when you’re about to break a traffic-law, just remind yourself that even though nobody saw you, even then Allah Almighty is watching you 24/7. And you will be questionable before him in life hereafter. You better know the answers then huh?

So, can you please start obeying traffic laws, palese!

Thank you! 🙂

car falling traffic sign

hunting traffic sign

stop the violence trafficsign

ignore traffic sign

Eid-ul-Adha is here :)

9 Dec

Wishing you all a very happy, joyous and meaty Eid.
Have fun!

I confess, i’m guilty my Lord!

27 Sep

Yes! for a change, let’s just talk about me. And me alone!

Often in life many of us may fool others, but we should try not to fool ourselves. It is important to be aware of our actions and motivations. Self-criticism is a great way of “keeping an eye on yourself”, it means we have to be honest with “ourselves”. There is no benefit from trying to justify our bad actions. If we can learn to be honest with ourselves our conscience will prevent us from undertaking regrettable actions. Most of the times, we wrongly invest our oh-so-precious time and effort in justifying our actions to ourselves, and this my friend is the danger of not being honest with yourself.

Keeping that in mind, i have something to confess. But first let me tell you one thing that i (consciously) keep myself miles away from a place where people are engaged in some kind of Gheebat or even something close to it. But last night, i went to see someone and that person told me that our President, Mr. Zardari misspelled God , finding it hard to believe i took off to another gathering. And politics was “the topic of the day”. And there i mentioned what out Current President did during his recent visit to Mazar-e-Quaid i-e he misspelled the words, God and Strength. After that, we cursed ourselves, our political leaders, made fun of everyone and said some nasty things that we shouldn’t have.

Late at night, while was checking my mail and surfing for some news i stumbled upon this article, it said, “Zardari’s misspelled remarks proved fabricated” Shocked as i was, i said to myself “You disgust Me”.

It was then i realized what great sin I’ve committed.It wasn’t just the backbitting i should be worrying about but it was actually a greater sin than backbiting, and this is Bauhtaan, (slander) accusing someone of  something that is untrue or without any evidence.

In surah-e-Al-Humaza 104, verse 1 of the Holy Quran:-

“Woe to every slanderer and backbiter.”

In Surah-e-Hujrat (The private apartments) 49, verse 6 of the Holy Quran,

“O you who believe! If a Fasiq (liar – evil person) comes to you with any news, verify it, lest you should harm people in ignorance, and after wards you become regretful for what you have done.”

In another Hadith ,narrated by Al-Bukhaari, 2317:-

It was narrated that Abu Hurayrah (may Allaah be pleased with him) said: The Messenger of Allaah (peace and blessings of Alaah be upon him) said: “Whoever has wronged his brother with regard to his honor or anything else, let him seek his forgiveness today, before there will be no dinar and no dirham, and if he has any good deeds to his credit they will be taken from him in a manner commensurate with the wrong he did, and if he has no good deeds, then some of his counterpart’s bad deeds will be taken and added to his burden.”

Always remember, Self criticism is not easy, but it is a valuable aspect of our self improvement. When we criticize our bad actions, it is unhelpful to retain a powerful sense of guilt. Guilt does not help us to improve, it can just make us feel miserable. When we have become aware of wrong actions, make a resolution to avoid doing it and then focus on doing the right thing. This is much better than becoming debilitated from guilt.

So please Lord i beg of your forgiveness and won’t repeat this horrible mistake ever, insha Allah! And if Mr. Zardari you happen to be reading this article 😉 well, avoid any on-air comments or some legal action. hehe I appologize for everything i said. i truly am.

Final ashra of Ramadan starts

22 Sep

Ramadan is divided into three ten-days parts, or Ashra (Arabic for ten). They are named:-

  1. Rahmat (Mercy of God!
  2. Maghfirat (Forgiveness of God)
  3. Najat (Salvation) respectively.

Laylat ul-Qadr which falls during the last Ashra, commemorates the revelation of the first verse of the Holy Quran and is considered the most holy night of the year.

In Quran Allah describes Lailat aul Qadr in 97th            

View of Badshahi Mosque after Iftari

Surah-al Qadr in such words:-

“1.Undoubtedly, We sent it down in the blessed and valuable night.
2.And what you know, what the blessed night is?
3.The blessed and valuable Night is better than a thousand months.
4.Therein descend angels and Jibril (the Spirit) by the command of their Lord for every affair.
5.That is all peace till the rising of the dawn.”

Already we are in the final Ashra (ten days) of Ramadan. And last night was the first “Takk Raat” night of 21, 22, 23, 25, 27 and 29th Ramadan. Lailat ul-Qadr is one of these first nights. But nobody knows which one. So each should be given equal attention and importance and yesterday was the first of the them, a night which is better than a thousand months. So watch out for the next one, and try to make most out of this final Ashra.

Ramadan Mubarak everyone once again!

What were they thinking?

23 Mar

It all began on Sep. 30th, 2005 when a Danish newspaper Jyllands-Posten printed twelveReprinting caricatures of the Holy Prophet protest caricatures or cartoons of the Holy Prophet P.B.U.H, entitled “Faces of Mohammad” some of which seemed to equate Prophet Mohammad P.B.U.H. with terrorism. And then the not-so-unexpected happened as the cartoons stirred anger across the Muslim world with calls for boycotting Danish products, mass protests, Danish flag-burning incidents, Danish embassies were attacked and unfortunately some people even lost their lives.

And then after all that, the cartoons got reprinted. And their reason was:

“They say they wanted to show their commitment to freedom of speech after an alleged plot to kill one of the cartoonists behind the drawings.”

Know more>>>

The republication of the cartoons has drawn condemnation among Muslims. Arab News reported from Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, that the secretary-general of the Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC) had expressed regret about the new move.

“Professor Ekmeleddin Ihsanoglu urged Muslims to use legal and peaceful means to protest the outrage. He said that he wished the Danish media would have chosen another subject as a test case to reassert the freedom of speech instead of supporting a blatant act of incitement to hatred in a most unfortunate and senseless manner, noting that the newspapers were aware that this act would offend not only Danish Muslims but the world’s other 1.3 billion Muslims who have nothing to do with the alleged three-man terror plot.”

“The OIC General Secretariat would not hesitate to condemn the plotters in the strongest possible terms if their crime is established by the proper judicial Danish authorities. Although these individuals represent neither the Danish Muslims nor the Muslim world.” he added.

A note to Danish Officials or to whom it may concern: What do you want from us? Why would you do anything like this? What are you trying to prove?

A call to Muslims:Carefully read what Professor Ekmeleddin Ihsanoglu is saying. Start boycotting Danish products, if needed organize peaceful protests. Let your voice be heard. Don’t involve innocent civilians who have nothing to do with it as many Danes condemn the printing of these cartoons.
So please be prudent and choose your words wisely, make use of your anger in a constructive way. Know more about Danish products and try to create or use substitute products.

First think about your choices and then make a choice. And my first choice is to boycott their products. Ban Danish products

Say No!

Say No! ll

Know your Quran, know your Namaz

1 Jan

So tell me, when you offer your prayers, do you know what your saying, as in word by word? And same with the Holy Quran, when you read Quran, do you know what you’re reading? what Quran demands of you? Do you read the Arabic text or it’s translation?

Well as far as the first question about the prayer is concerned firstly i had literary “NO” idea what i was saying, and that was not many years ago. Last year i made a conscious effort to understand what i was reciting. And same is the case with Quran, not many years ago i only and only used to read the Arabic portion, missing the complete picture of what Quran demanded of me, but thanks to a loyal friend who made me realize the right way to read Quran, i-e understand it.
Now this year all we need to do is:

Learn Arabic.

Don’t take it lightly. What’s the point of doing your namaz and knowing not what you just said or did? Is this what Allah demands of you, that you must stand in front of him and utter some verses you know not, just cram ’em and you’ll end up in heaven. It’s much more complicated than that pal.

So, ask yourself questions like these and try to get answers. You will come to the same conclusion, insha Allah.

Happy thinking!
And a Happy New Year 2008.

Women in Islam

27 Nov

One question that has been bothering alot of you is going to be discussed here. Right now. So listen carefully. Here it goes.

Questions: Are men and women equal in Islam? How does Islam value women?

Answer: No! Why? I’ll tell you why. And how it honors women is given below.

You see, women in Islam are Not equal to men likewise men are not equal to women. But it doesn’t mean that they are not equally good. Both are different, physically, psychologically and biologically. They both have a job that they have to perform. That is why one of them is called ‘man’ and other ‘woman’. Because of this difference they are not equal, they don’t have equal rights and same is the case with their duties. It’s common sense.

Islam is the ONLY religion which showed alot of respect to women when men were not doing so. Before Islam women were treated worse than animals and slaves. The practice those days towards women were horrendous. They had no rights, right to speak, right to have an opinion, right to inherit, right to own property, and since they had no right to own so couldn’t spend on themselves as well which means,no right to hang out in malls. Imagine it. They had no respect, they used to bury the baby as soon as they found out, it’s a girl. They were burred alive, abandoned, left on their own in deserts because of the fear that an increase of female offspring would result in economic burdens, as well as fear of the humiliation frequently caused by girls being captured by a hostile tribe and subsequently preferring their captors to their parents and brothers. In short they had NO rights whatsoever. They had no respect, were treated like cattle and useless animals. They used to sell women as they used to sell their sheep. They looked down upon women. They didn’t even wish to own them. This was their society.

And then there was Islam, which treated women with dignity, honor, it gave them their due respect. Firstly, it ordered to

1. Stop the killing of baby-girls instantly.

According to Quran, Surah Al-An’am, (The Cattle) Chapter 6 , verse 151:

“…Kill not your children on a plea of want. We provide sustenance for you and for them. Come not near shameful deeds, whether open or secret. Take not life which Allah has made sacred…”

A similar guidance is repeated in Surah Al-Isra (The Night journey) Chapter 17, Verse 31:

“Kill not your children for fear of want: We shall provide sustenance for them as well as for you. Verily the killing of them is a great sin.”

2. And then they were given given the right to inheritance.

According to Quran, surah Al Nisa (The Women) Verse 7:

“Unto men (of the family) belongs a share of that which Parents and near kindred leave, and unto women a share of that which parents and near kindred leave, whether it be a little or much – a determinate share.”

3. Right to own Property:

More than 1,300 years before the west gave economical rights to women, Islam recognized the rights of adult women. Any adult woman has the right to possess or to own or to dispose any of her own property in any way she feels fit irrespective of whether she is single or married. The first time that rights of married women was recognized in the West whereby she could own and dispose of property without the control, approval or consent of her husband was in 1870s in England under the “Married Women Property Act”. This Act was later amended in 1882 and 1887. Women have the right to own and manage their money. And men, may it be their husband’s can’t have that money without their consent.

4. Right to education.

According to The Holy Prophet:

“Seeking knowledge is obligatory on every Muslim man and Muslim woman.”

5. Right to refuse any marriage proposal that doesn’t please them.

In Quran there are 177 verses that refer to women. A comprehensive note on Women in Islam by Zakir Naik is Women in Islam. I’m sure all of you’re questions regarding Women will be covered by these articles. And do check out “Women in Hinduism

So now do you think we Muslims are barbaric for making women wear a veil? If so, then i’m curious to ask you, do you even know the meaning of barbaric? They were crude people who had no cloths on whereas we are the one’s wearing ’em and actually you are the one’s who are not, so who’s barbaric now?

What time is it?

13 Sep

Ramdhan time, receiting quran to max.          
What time is it?
fasting time.
Come on come on,
screem and shout!

A collection of prayers/supplications (duas) for everyone, welcoming Ramadan:
Oh Allah  please have Mercy on all the Muslimeen, and guide them. Guide me O Allah, and guide my parents, my siblings, my cousins, my aunts and uncles, my nephews and nieces and so forth.

 O Allaah, please forgive me for all of the bad that I’ve done, and I continue to do. You are so Merciful and kind, please forgive me, and help me stay away from all that’s wrong. It’s so hard for me, and I’m so weak but You are the Strong. Please increase all muslims across the globe and me in sincerity.

O Allaah, I beg You, please guide my parents and my brothers toward You. Do not let them die without realizing who their Lord is. Let them see the truth and help them resist the pressure of friends who try to turn them away from You.

O Allaah, save humanity from being its own enemy. Protect Your creation from oppression. Save the people of Afghanistan, Palestine, Kashmir, Chechnya and Iraq, Iran and our beloved Pakistan from internal and external oppressors and give them justice. Protect us all from violence, fear and danger, You are our Protector.

Ya Allaah, let me love You as You deserved to be loved, and let me fear You as You deserve to be feared, and let me leave this world serving Your creation for Your sake.

O Allaah, bless our scholars and leaders who are striving to establish Islaam in this world on the balanced path of Your beloved Prophet(saws).

O Allaah, please guide us all. We are surrounded by so much temptation and Haram, protect us  my Lord from all of the evil influences that are arounding us. Give us friends who will strengthen our faith and help us stay on the Straight Path.

O Allah! Let us be satisfied with the Halaal (permissible) and dispense with the Haraam (not permissible).

Ameeeeeeeen! sum-ameen.

so, make sure you take full advantage of this Holy month of Ramadan. And don’t forget your freinds and family, fellow citizens, muslims across the globe and all those who have passed away.
Wish you a happy Ramadhan.

A wake up call!!!

7 Aug

A couple of days back, my fourteen years old neice and i were offering our Isha prayer together at my place when, right before Witr  salah she asked me to say aloud Dua-e-Qunoot/Qunut so she can revise and this is what happened next:

 Me: (With my heart filled with nothing but embarrassment and humiliation, i said to her) Girl i would love to but the thing is, i don’t know Dua-e-Qanoot, i havn’t learned it by heart yet.

She:(Rattled, she looked at me with that strange look in her eyes, adding insult to injury every second.) Oh well guess i’ll just have to read Surah-e-Ikhlas.

Me: (wow! stop right there girl, Surah-e-Ikhlas, no no no, don’t make the same mistake, please learn from me. Okay here it goes.) Girl did u know that you’r suppose to read some dua in witr, not Surah-e-Ikhlas. Its a common misconception. I don’t know who and how it started  but all i know is that i just found about it two years back, and now i read this dua from The Holy Quran :

“Rabbana atina fid-dunya hasanatan wa fil ‘akhirati hasanatan waqina ‘adhaban-nar.” Dua-e-duniya-o-akhirat

“Our Lord! grant us good in this world and good in the hereafter, and save us from the chastisement of the fire.” (2:201)

Dua-e duniya o aakhiratDua-e-duniya-o-aakhirat

It is best to recite the specific dua as in Dua-e-Qunoot. Memorize it; its short. But until you do, you can recite any other dua. But it should be carefully noted that what you recite should be a dua and Surah-e-Ikhlas is no way near a dua. What really surprised me was that it’s such a huge misconception. A large number of muslims are still out there who won’t have a single clue, because someone, maybe her mom or dad or someother relative must have told her to do so,and the same thing happened to me and God knows how many of us are still out there misinformed, trying to do the right thing,but ended up doing it all wrong, oblivious of their right to question. Question their parents,  their mentors. So from now onwards’ don’t hesitate to ask why’s and what’s. And get evryone you know to know about it too. Ask them what they recite in Witr salah, and why? Because it’s their right to know and your duty to make sure they do.

 Take care.