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Love vs dream

8 Jan

Is your love for food getting in way of your dream physique? If yes, well you’ve got there some serious issue that you better look into asap.

When it comes to food, well we can’t seem to get enough, eh? Try our best not to be tempted by the constant stare of that sinful piece of brownie. But hey someone’s gotta put it out of  its misery, so why not we hey, hence we gladly give in.

Nibble, Nibble and nibble a wee bit more and we end up looking like a bunch of eat-breks. And then we waste food equally, shameless wasteful eejits.

I’ve dedicated this song to my love for food.

I don’t like you but I love you

Seems that I’m always thinking of you,

Oh ho ho you treat me badly, I love you madly,

you really gotta hold on me…


“Snake-bitten chicken” for dinner?

23 Dec

Well, how would you feel if you asked your mum or wife, what’s for dinner? And she replied : Snake-bitten chicken. Well for us Pakistani’s, it’s nothing more than a bad joke but for Chinese, it’s actually “a treat”.

It’s a strange strange world out there. Yes most definitely. And it keeps getting stranger and stranger.

Perhaps you have noticed that restaurants like to give their food interesting/ weird names. Perhaps you have also avoided ordering the dish by its interesting/weird name maybe because it’s completely ridiculous or maybe you don’t wanna make a fool out of yourself, pronounce it wrong and be the joke of the day. So, just say I want item number LE 10053 🙂

But, for a minute, just imagine if this was NOT the case, and you find yourself in a Chinese restaurant. A real Chinese restaurant in China, not in Pakistan. And the menu says, “snake-bitten chicken” is our dish of the day. Well the name is now less interesting and more weird. But beware, When you’re having Chinese food in China, don’t be fooled, they literary do serve what’s written in the menu, Literary!

The image that I’m about to post here might be  sickening to few, “delicacy” for many, where a waitress demonstrates how to prepare a Chinese specialty known as “Snake-bitten Chicken,” at a restaurant in China’s southwest municipality of Chongqing


So, a dish named “Son of a botch” okay-ly appetizing in Pakistan is far, far better than a “Snake-bitten chicken” in China 🙂

Next time, when you are in Pakistan, feel free to order all the dishes with interesting cum weird names, that your waiter can’e even pronounce hehe, just Thank Allah that you’re in Pakistan and not in China 🙂

On this note,  whenever you plan to dine out, order the most weirdly named dish on the menu!

Happy eating!

Looking for a Rainbow?

5 May

Well, sorry it ain’t that easy to find. Instead, have these Rainbow Cupcakes. They are fun, easy and quickly made. And you don’t have to wait for the rain as well  hehehehe :p

Courtesy: The Chef In Me

Black magic cake

17 Mar

I got this recipe from The food gawker. And i must say, it was worth the wait. The cake was dark, moist and rich in chocolate flavor. Enjoyed every bit of it.

And the best thing about is that, the recipe calls for only two eggs! two eggs? i mean you’re getting a 9 inch sandwich cake, just from 2 eggs, wow! This is the best chocolate cake I’ve ever made. I’m so happy. See for yourself!

Black magic cake

My family just couldn't help it! :)


Oh yeah, better lock it!

I’ve made a few changes in my recipe, you can get it from my food blog The Chef in me.
It’s a must, I’m telling you!

Happy baking!