Love vs dream

8 Jan

Is your love for food getting in way of your dream physique? If yes, well you’ve got there some serious issue that you better look into asap.

When it comes to food, well we can’t seem to get enough, eh? Try our best not to be tempted by the constant stare of that sinful piece of brownie. But hey someone’s gotta put it out of  its misery, so why not we hey, hence we gladly give in.

Nibble, Nibble and nibble a wee bit more and we end up looking like a bunch of eat-breks. And then we waste food equally, shameless wasteful eejits.

I’ve dedicated this song to my love for food.

I don’t like you but I love you

Seems that I’m always thinking of you,

Oh ho ho you treat me badly, I love you madly,

you really gotta hold on me…


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