Dream big and live it

28 May

A couple of days back, I was watching the movie, “Lagay raho munna bhai” (If I’m not wrong) well Munna bhai II. You must have seen it, have you? If not then go watch it before reading further hehehe :p

Oh well, in the movie, there comes a part where all the retired, aged basically “unwanted” elderly folks are politely kicked out of their houses by their children and now all of them share a house and all that Jazz. In one particular scene which made gave me food for  thought was: All the elderly folks were sitting together and discussing what they wanted to do all their life but because of the responsibilities, priorities and God knows what, they couldn’t live their dream. One wanted to fly, the other had a passion for singing, and  another wanted to marry, again, and so on…

But the main point here is, all their life, lemme stress on it “All their freaking life” they didn’t have time for themselves. It’s surprising that they hadn’t fulfilled their “dreams” by the age of 60 even. I know, life can be tough sometimes, sometimes it may seem that it’s cruel even but still. Their over-indulgence in other affairs had left them clueless of what they “wanted” from life. Shame!

Don’t let this happen to you, don’t just let the days go by, live every sec. Make plans, know what you want, set your priorities and give yourself a “high-priority” tag and then decide.

Shuffle, rearrange, shuffle again, your thoughts, your life and take control. Because, time, my friend, is an invaluable treasure. Therefore, instead of wasting it, take an instant decision and use time in a worthwhile way. Take some action before it’s too late and you’re too old to live your dream.

Know what you’re doing,
Think again!

One Response to “Dream big and live it”

  1. Hamza June 16, 2010 at 10:31 PM #

    “shuffle, rearrange, shuffle again, your thoughts, your life” … true, very true 🙂

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