If i were…..

26 Mar

If i were a gardner would i still not grow flowers…

Did you catch the 2009 Flower festival at the Race Course Park, Lahore, no? You ain’t the only one then, psst lemme tell you a secret,” Neither did i” 🙂 (It’s 2 in the morning and I’m in one crazy-cum-sleepy/I’ll sleep when I’m dead mode) Well here some beautiful images taken by my cousin/ behnoee. He did a wonderful job and i thank him for these, i feel like I’m drunk although i have never ever been drunk in my life, ever! but i feel like one right now, hmmm

Reminder– it’s almost 2 am.

Flower show

I’ve always wanted a garden. One which would bring me awards, if there were any, heh! oh well some day, there will be flower competitions in Lahore as well, and i will win ’em all.

Yeah you’re right! guess  should just catch my Zzzzz huh?
Bubye fellow earthlings!


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