You don’t scare us.

22 Dec

Yes. Listen close India! you don’t scare us, you don’t scare us at all. Despite your blatantly rotten threats, we don’t want a war, we never wanted one in the first place, but you’re really pushing us to the limits of our patience now. After all you have to blame not just someone but Pakistan for your Mumbai Attacks, it has to be Pakistan, no matter if there is no proof or anything, It has to be Pakistan!

Even you know it in your filthy hearts, it’s not Pakistan, but one way or the other you NEED to divert the attention of your oh-so-furios public, what a wonderful oppertunity, indeed! 

First, there’s this Airspace intrusion from your side.  Okay let’s presume it wasn’t you, it must have been some birds, right. That’s what you want us to believe, right? okay for a minute just assume it for the time being. But how do you explain this, 

1>India Holds War Room Meeting For An Attack On Islamic Republic Of Pakistan 

 2>India started deploying troops along Rajasthan border

And here’s a word of advice for Miss Sonia Gandhi: Barking dogs seldom bite. We Pakistani’s don’t like wars, we like to maintain peace in our region, every terrorist with beard is not necessarily a muslim or Pakistani. We Pakis condemn terrorist attacks in Mumbai from the bottom of our hearts and sincerely hope that all the culprits are apprehended.

But if war is imposed upon us, we as a Nation will stand up to defend our country from its enemies. We’ve braved previous wars. Our soldiers are so strong and brave that they don’t even fear death, they fear no-other but Al-mighty Allah. And we will do just about anything to guard each and every inch of our land because, “Pakistan has the capacity, right to defend, if war imposed:Mukhtar  “

PAF jets made flights in airspace of Islamabad, Rawalpindi and Lahore on Monday afternoon after which local residents were climbed on their rooftops, shouting Allah-ho-akbar.

Meanwhile, all airports of the country put on high alert. A flight bound for Dubai from Lahore and another flight coming Lahore from Quetta have been halted till further orders whereas all passes at Lahore airport have been cancelled.

PAF sources said that fighter jets are on routine flights and making surveillance of country’s airspace.

Pakistan Zindabad!

Jurraton kay qaraz dar ho tum
jo hifaazat karay sarhado ki

woh falak bos deewar ho tum
Ae shujayat kay zinda jawano 
meray nagmay tumharay liay hain

Ae watan kay sajeelay jawano…


4 Responses to “You don’t scare us.”

  1. utp December 22, 2008 at 8:23 PM #

    Allah o Akbar…!!! jis mein behtar Maula…

  2. leemz December 23, 2008 at 10:15 AM #

    ameen! 🙂

  3. anon September 13, 2009 at 11:21 PM #

    Watch this video:

    You still believe these attackers were not Pakistani? There is denial and then there is plain arrogant ignorance. You suffer from the latter.

    I know these few misguided people are not an accurate representation of Pakistan or its views however the denial and the lame excuses have to stop. There has to be some ownership and steps taken to nip these organizations completely. What Pakistan is doing is not enough.

    Please stop being a Pakistani, be a human first. Realize that there are bad people amongst you, take ownership, stop the lame excuses and take action to prevent such occurances in the future.

  4. leemz September 17, 2009 at 5:54 PM #

    well the video has been removed and is not available, so no comments from my side.

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