An image of beauty

9 Nov


I knew as soon as i saw it, that i wanted to grow them. Tulips, yes tulips 🙂 and now-a-days i’m learning how to grow them in a container, but as they say,”Garden learning, like garden chores, never ends”. Guess it’s time to grow some tulips, yay! Now let’s see, all we need is some pots, some soil and some fully-grown tulips, right? khekhekhe

Gardening, and growing plants in containers is one of the things that i think i would love to do. In the beginning had some teny tiny problems like, watering the plants on time and some other issues all related to procrastination and nothing more. But now i think, hopefully that won’t happen again, ever! 🙂 insha Allah! Ooooh I’m so excited 😀 Yay! 

Recently i’ve planted some roses, white lillies, a couple of pansies, some green chillies and salad leaves in containers on my terrace. And now there are going to be some Tulips insha Allah too. Pretty pretty tulips, here i come!


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