Farewell Musharraf

28 Nov

In Musharraf's last dayRawalpindi, after breaking numerous promises, Musharaf is finally taking off is uniform today, stepping down from his powerful post as Pakistan’s military commander. No doubt  it’s a big day in the history of Pakistan. His last speech was packed with emotions, emotions that were very powerful.

A military band played, a cleric chanted a prayer, and hundreds of troops stood at attention as officials gathered for the change of command. Musharraf looked grave and dignified as he addressed the audience before relinquishing his post, wearing for the last time the uniform he often called his second skin.

Here is a complete biography of Musharraf by wikipedia.

Musharraf’s successor, Gen. Kiyani, is a former military intelligence chief whom domestic and foreign observers describe as a well-regarded professional career officer with no political ambitions. I have my fingers crossed.

With Nawaz Sharif and Benazie Bhutto back in action, and elections just around the corner, let’s just hope for the best. For Islam, for Pakistan. Ameen !


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