Tough combination, tough luck!

29 Apr

Imagine ur self in a state of  dilemma and you just don’t know what to do then what exactly would you do? if there were two doors to choose from.
Now the question arises what’s behind those doors so here are your two beautiful  options, good luck! trust me you need it. heh!

Door 1> If you choose this particular door then both of your limbs as in the arms and legs duh! would be ‘chopped off’ and you’ll be allowed to live happily ever after, if you manage to survive after all that blood loss and all that shit. (I’m currently in a very sensitive mood so be a doll and mind my french will ya)
So what was i saying, oh yeah i need to tell you your other supposidly option i-e door no.2.
Lets see which surprises are lurking behind this special door.

Door 2>  You’ll be asked to live your life like a clown, no matter what! just smile. A car runs over you, what would you do haan? Whatever your thinking is the wrong ans to this particular question of mine, cos the right ans is ‘just smile and bear it’ like it never happened and mean it, say it from the core of your heart that you weren’t hurt, you didn’t feel anything, nope nothing not me, i’m as happy as ever.Your house falls down cos of rain, what do you do, you don’t complain just. Fake it buddy! Lemme ask another question, you ummmmmm fall off  K2 (second highest mountain in the world situated in Pakistan.) what are you suppose to do? Cleve enough haan. Last but not least this particular door also includes a daily dose of  two hours of happiness.

So, be realistic and  take your pick.
Which door would  YOU choose to live in.
I repeat be veeeery REALISTIC okay?
Thank you for your time.


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