New Year, New Experiences

5 Jan

The Year Two Thousand and Six has finally come to an end, enwrapping countless cherished memorable moments and treasured occasions, which include:

  •  Jan.: We bought new mobiles. (Mo bought Nokia N70 for himself and Nokia 6101 for moi.) And we flew to Karachi to attend Bryan Adams concert on the 29th of Jan.’06 and that trip gave us so many happy memories, treasured moments. Time we spent on the beach, dining out experiences and and and how could i forget Mo bought cute little earings for me, awww i love em pal. 🙂 thanks.
  • Feb.: Our Road trip to Bhurbhan and Nathiagalli. (Mo bought me a lovely silk dress and how could i forget we got chased by a Cheeta in PC Bhurbhan. Then on our way to Nathiagalli there were so many monkeys on the roadsides and          roof-tops. ) Night before 14th of Feb. Mo twisted his ankle, couldn’t walk properly for about two weeks or so but still he asked one of his friends to get some chocolates for me, awww that was so sweet of you 🙂
  •  March: Got pregnant sometime in march 😉 OoOOOOoh! lolz
  • April:Positive pregnancy test on March 11th brought so much happiness into our home and our lives 😀
  • May: Morning sickness and all that shit heh! it was a new experience afterall! and then after one special night ooooOoOh i had this complication during pregnancy, it was horrible, the unthinkable. I’m glad it didn’t cause any serious damages to both of us, the baby and i, duh!. ALLAH shukaar.
  • June: Bonding with the unborn.
  • July: Gaining weight.
  • August: some more weight gained.
  • Sep.: A little more extra pounds 😉
  • Oct.: Mohammad’s 1st Itikaf in Dr.Israr’s mosque in the last ten days of Ramadan.
  • Nov.: Mo’s surprise birthday party was a big hit, super dooper hit i must say. He enjoyed alot and i enjoyed seeing him enjoying. 😀 haha! and then on Nov.7th i got admitted into the hospital cos of the high blood pressure and then on Nov.11th My Little angel, ‘Our little angel’ Mashaal was born. And then there was our 1st Wedding Anniversary on the twenty sixth of November, i wore Saari, dinner at Pc followed by some other thingies 😉 made it even more special, hehehehehe AaaaaaooooOooH!
  • Dec.: On my birthday MO came to wish me at my mom’s place (as i was in ‘chilla’ time in which uone prefer’s to stay at their parents for convenince and all that jazz.) and had to climb up the gate as it was locked. Lovely flowers and an adorable perfume, i loveD it. ( i still have that bouquet with me, in dried form ofcos) and a night before he was telling me that he has something special for me this time and you guys won’t believe what it was 😀 any guess? write em down. hehe he actually decided to quit smoking ‘as a habit’ that is 😦 😀 man! ye itni bari baat haina kai bass, i can never thank him enough for this favour, Thanks Moaaaji! :p:) 143 hehe. And in the last days of december Mo booked another car, it’s a surprise. sssshhh!:)

Oh well, it ended superbly. 2007’s here. Now its time for a brand new start, the beginning of a new year, new experiences, new you!

Whether we admit to it or not, and whether we stick to it or not. We make New Year’s resolutions. Don’t let those who say that they don’t make New Year’s resolutions fool you and if you ask me, that’s a resolution in and of itself. Take a look at mine:

  1. Get Organized.
  2. Pray atleast five times a day.
  3. Laugh less, smile more.
  4. Learn more than half of  The Holy Quran by heart.
  5. Write and update blog more oftenly.
  6. Make time for exercise.
  7. Learn something new, each day.
  8. Enjoy life to max.
  9. Get my own Goat or cow for Kurbanni.
  10. Communicate in Arabic.
  11. Buy Bangels of Gold for my MOM 🙂
  12. Try something new with my hair 😉
  13. Make my husband and parents feel special each day.

Insha ALLAH and ameeeeen to that. Pray for me people.


4 Responses to “New Year, New Experiences”

  1. Asma January 6, 2007 at 2:22 AM #

    betaa hoslaa karein publicly likhtay huay 😛 Lolz I guess NOV was teh best month naa when Mashaal came in your lap 🙂

    may all your wishes prayers and resolutions too 😛 come true … khuch ziyada hi nahi hay yah aik saal kay liyay 😛

    Prayers and wishes !!

  2. Dr Farrukh Malik January 6, 2007 at 8:44 PM #

    Well leemz the first year of ur marriage remained very beautifull and wishing you the same happiness for life…From your post atleast I got something to please my fiancee…hahahah wish you all the best!!!!

  3. |eemz January 6, 2007 at 10:59 PM #

    @ Asma: heheheheh control? mai? hehehehe :p
    Thanks for the wishes girl.

    Stay beautiful.

    @ Dr. F.M.: i’m glad i could help!

  4. Mish... March 4, 2007 at 7:42 PM #

    Thx for dropping in a link…i came up to know a lot about you
    as we been disconnected for so long…and it seems like ur having the time of ur life:)…enjoyin every moment n celebrating each day!
    I am so happy for u…And ur new year’s resolutions…My My=P
    great one’s!
    Wish you all the best
    Love to MIsh…n a slap for u as u still are not sending me that lil angel’s pix..

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