Give-thanks-to ALLAH

15 Sep

Internet sources of various stripes are saying that the English-Arabic hamd, said to be sung by
Michael Jackson was actually sung by either Zain Bikha or by Yousuf Islam (the former Cat Stevens as the Arabic pronunciation, arabic accent is perfect and their voices are very much the same that it’s hard to differentiate etc etc.

Well if you ask me i don’t understand what the fuss is about. If it’s true that it’s actually sung by Mj, then well n good, masha ALLAH as the Arabic accent is simply out of this world and i welcome him to Islam and our brotherhood and may ALLAH bless him with true guidance and peace in his life, if not it still remains a remarable hamd as the lyrics, the arabic pronounceation is amazing.

In the end all i wanna say is that may ALLAH bless who ever sung this beautiful hamd, ameen.


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