A Decaying Corpse

11 May

Wanna know how it feels like to lie on your back day after day, crippled, immobilized.
The very moment you feel like going out, enjoy the sun rise while sitting cosily on a beach chair or feel the magic of moonlight shimmering on the lake, stars like dew-diamonds sparkling on the tip of the fresh green grass, spread through out the sky, your body doesn’t respond. Your legs give a ‘No way’ signal and when you try to force them, all you get is a ‘Dream on!’ note. You stop trying as your no more in charge, no more in command.

It’s like going to a park with fresh green grass, multi colored flowers sprouting every where. You roam around like an innocent soul free of worries, petty quarrels over wealth and status, no obstacles of ANY kind.
Reading a book of your favourite author under the comfy, cosy shade of a tree at the other end of the park, you can feel the gush of fresh air running through your lungs, every cell in your body is celebrating, rejoicing. Everything is so magical. so fanciful when suddenly,
you fall into a hole in the ground at the other end of the park, possibly a snare for wild dogs or something. A little bruise here and a scratch there, your glad that your alive and kicking but, in a matter of seconds everything changes, birds sing no more, the scenic beauty doesn’t seem to be so catchy or tempting at all. In sheer desperation you call out for help but, all in vain, no one responses to your piteous cries till, you hear footsteps crushing the dry leaves underneath ’em. A ray of hope rekindles, you squeak and squeal, but soon the sound of the foot-steps along with your inkling hope drains away.

And so once again you wait for some miracle to bring about an end to your misrable life but, all your gallant efforts go down the drain when the clouds burst and with a crack of thunder, rain starts pelting down, as now there is no chance i say,no Chance of someone hearing your cries. Daunted by the thought of living the rest of your life in sheer misery and dismay you hope and pray, appeal to GOD to send down some angel, some miracle, a someone to rescue you, to relieve the monotomy of waiting.

And so you wait. Darkness and gloominess prevails while ‘you wait’ and ‘wait’.

This is somewhat i’ve been feeling lately.


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