6 Nov

Oh this is nerve wracking.
Its been twelve to thirteen hours now and i can’t log into my Hotmail account
cos some jerk trying to sign-into it, entered the incorrect password so many times
that they have actually locked it now.Even though i’m entrying the correct password (duh!) they just won’t sign-me-in, and whats more frustarting is that i don’t even remember my secret question’s answer ha! how could i, i made this account when i was fourteen, God knows what the answer was.
And they always lock it with a warning, so that person must have read the warning but was Stupid enough to continue, huh!
And the MSN Messenger won’t log-me-in also, as there is some problem with the hotmail account, and so it is temporarily unavailable duh! aaaaaaaaaaa! torture.

You wanna hack my account ?
ok fine (babba haji) then crack the codes properly. Hit and miss won’t be fruitful.
Im pissed off and ur annoyed cos both of us now can’t sign-in, so be careful next time
ok? haaaaa!

And u won’t get away with this, i will hunt you down and kick ur ass.
Always know, ALLAH is watching us, you can run but ya can’t hide.
OoooOoOh yeah baby!


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