Her 20th death anniversary

12 Oct

A girl all dressed up in red and black, a red backless dress with black cap sleeves, curls of her hair falling over her shoulders, black gloves, a diamond ring in her left hand’s ring finger and a black purse in her right hand, wearing high-heeled shoes, was standing at the window, staring outside.

A new beginning, a fresh start, 27th of May, it was her 20th birthday. And she wasn’t alone celebrating, the Moon, the stars and the ever expanding dark sky were her guests.

As she gently opened the window to her balcony, wind softly moved the lace curtains. Wind tenderly lifted the curls of her hair into the air and back as she stepped outside. It was eleven o clock at night and oh so quiet out there. In front of her lay a beautifully carved wooden table, covered in a plain red tablecloth. Her birthday cake was resting on top of it. She looked at the blackened sky, took a deep breath and closed her eyes, feeling the un-felt, letting the wind tickle and play with her body. She stood there
with no smile, no excitement, no thing at all for quite some time. All the guests had arrived and it was time to cut the ‘happy’ birthday cake. So she moved towards the wooden table, leaned towards it, blew out the flickering candles and made a wish. A ‘wish’ as empty as her heart, then picked up the knife and sliced the cake, whispering herself a very ‘happy’ birthday. The knife as smoothly sliced the
cake as the blade neatly cuts the skin open.

She always wondered why people are all so excited when it comes to celebrating their birthdays, whats
so special about them, its just ‘another’ day, when u gotta dress up nicely and pretend to be smiling and all satisfied inside.

Perplexed by these questions, she picked up the peg shaped glass , pour some wine in it,whispered ‘cheers’, took a sip and placed it back onto the table, later picked up her cake, went in and placed it into the fridge and strolled towards her bedroom.


One Response to “Her 20th death anniversary”

  1. Anonymous October 27, 2005 at 1:04 AM #

    aww!…sO depressin…even though d colours in it predict happiness…but still…it touched me!

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