Blue’s blue.

11 Oct

The sky was covered in a thick blanket of dark clouds and dull light and blue color of
de sky was no where to be found.
Suddenly Red saw Blue sitting all by himself in a dark alley.

Red exclaimed:-

Red : Hey blue!

Blue: Heeey.

Red : where have you been? everybodys been lookin for you.

Blue: I wanna be alone.

Red : Look at me, im so Hot, im so kewl, im so cheery, whats wrong with you?

Blue: I feel pretty much myself today (sigh)

Red : O come on, whats wrong? what are you so gloomy about? Cheer up! we need you up there.

Blue: Its just one of those days when Blue feels blue.

Red : Oh hell! betta scam before you turn me into blue too, byeee.

Blue: ___________________

And then silence & darkness prevailed.


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