A drop of elixir.

7 Sep

I never proclaimed how i miss a ‘true friend’ in my life, only sometimes that is. Someone other than myself. I had one, heh but, soon i was proven wrong in every possible way.

But i just wish i had someone to talk to, communicate without hesitation. Someone to lend an ear and lay my fears. To whisper in my ears dat soon its gonna be alright, and dat every cloud has a lining.
A someone to remind me dat I’ll survive.

I wish i could tell, as to how i felt when i was trying on my bridal-dress, suggesting minor adjustments to the designer and then read my fiancee’s msg that we should resolve the matter otherwise there is no point(no point?) in getting married, mind you! earlier we had an argument and failed miserably to fight it out between us.

And on my way back home how i narrowly avoided an accident. An accident which may have occurred due to lack of concentration on the road as my brain was preoccupied for some obvious reasons. uh!

So many things to tell, but the question arises, to whom?
Alas! i have no one in my mind as i speak of it. tsk.
Chalo, khair
i just wish, i had
a drop of elixir, only somtimes.


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