That Bitch!

4 Sep

I can’t believe this, look what that ungrateful gorgon did. (She’s a friend,no an acquaintance,
ummmmm then again, Just a class-fellow, oh yeah! much betta.)

I took her to clg (in My car) as we had to submit some forms and all that jazz.Then there was some kinda problem wid her form and they won’t accept it so, i had to wait for this selfish creature in the car,
mind you! in the scorchin heat of the sun for more than three hours. And when she finally! returned, she started complainin abt my car, totally unreasonable complains, completely ingnorant of the fact dat
she was actually sittin in ‘the same car’, and askin me to take her to this, another office three blocks away
to buy another form and stuff. Although her comments were iritatin yet i ignored them and thought,
may be she’z grumpy at me cos of all the problems at the pffice,
chalo khair, koi nai and kept ma cool.
But even after the form atter was resolved, all the way back home, she kept on grumbling. I protested
a little to make her understand, but NO! she just won’t, “you cars this”, “ur cars that” damn girl!
Now her stupid comments were gettin on ma nerves and i just cudn’t take it any more, yet i tried
not to hurt her feelings, but man! she just won’t stop an i was maximumly tryin to contain maself.

Finally! as i was droppin her to her home and you know what that self-centred, ungratefulcreature
said to me,

Ungrateful gorgon, ” Yaar your car is nothin but a piece of junk. Get a new on will ya? and hey babz,
cud you please take me to the administrative office tomorrow? ”

OK! Dat was it, ’nuff is ’nuff,
so, by kickin her out of ma car i said,

Angry me, ” Look here missy! one more word, if i hear one more word abt ma car, trust me im gonna
punch rite in ur face and btw keep ur shit to urself, You hear dat keep it to urself.”

Aaaaah! much relieved hehe 🙂
Then i raced off


One Response to “That Bitch!”

  1. $handanay September 9, 2005 at 4:28 PM #

    yO babe…sup man sup?
    if i vuld in ur shoez…i vuld ve killed her,4 sure.she iz a fugly bitch..u should do bittti bitti in her face!

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