My fair lady!

1 Sep

My fair lady”, dats what her Mom used to call her. A girl who used to serve drinks to her guests,
wearing roller skates. Played cricket and broke the windows of her neighbours with a taped-tennis ball.
A tomboy whose toe nails stopped growing cos of de boots she used to wear all de day long
(well dats another story, hehe). A psycho who, on basant festivals was more interested in flying
kites and screamin & shoutin “AAAAAEEEEEBooooo katai!” than flirting wid de cute guys
around πŸ˜‰
A nut who was found cyclin even on EID days and so, fell head-on as her dupatta entangled itself
in the spokes of the bicycle, jamming the back wheel, later dragged de bicycle all the way
bck home πŸ™‚ A girl, who gets to hear, “Grow up!, grow up!”all the time is NOW!, the ‘Bride-to-be’.
Wearin pencil heels and make up, tryin her utmost best to be polite, elegant and courteous hehe,
she’s even learnin how to cook πŸ™‚ (khekhekhekhe) although her friends make fun of her, and their
smile are full of mockery,when she tells them abt what she cooked today and plan to cook
tomorrow. In their opinion, she’s nothin but a careless immature mad-cap. Someone who CAN’T
handle the responsibility of takin care of a family. Accordin to them,” Tum apna khayal he rakh
lo tou kaafi hai”. And repeatedly ask her if she’z ready forall this or not? ,”are you sure?”
and bla bla bla.
But, to this lady,their comments might be true, still she wants to prove them wrong. In her quest
to discoverher feminine side, she is lookin forward to a complete transformation in personality
and attitude towards life.

Its not an obligation, its just somethin she really wants,as she’z fuly aware of the fact that now she
has a responsibility, To make someone feel special, to ignore his weaknesses andcomfort him in
any possible way. But its really frustratin when she can’t even apply the nail polish smoothly.
And so, on her way to revolutionize herself, one may find her depressed and frustrated yet, not disappointed.For time being things may not work the way she wants them to but she won’t stop
trying, till she gets it all done, and that day shall soon come, insha ALLAH.

Her journey from being a heedless tomboy to an elegant lady, adorable wife that is has begun,
and by no means its goin to be easy for her, then again, what is? So, i wish her all the luck inthe
world, and babz just keep on tryin and keep on smilin and soon you’ll get it all done,
without a hitch, insha ALLAH. (Ameen)


2 Responses to “My fair lady!”

  1. Momekh September 5, 2005 at 11:15 PM #

    wow! altho i knew u can write well, but i dint know u can write this good. and this coming from a guy who uses complements as rarely as a madman uses rationalaty.

    inshAllah, dont you worry. Keep on keeping on. And do lemme know exactly HOW i can help! But I am rite here baby, rite here!–>

  2. FARAH November 27, 2007 at 12:43 PM #

    i liked that aspect of urs!!
    hmm a tough girl to deal with..
    but now u hav totally changed…
    an elegant young lady..truly!!!

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